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Acetyl Pentapeptide-1

Acetyl Pentapeptide-1 is used for improving collagen protein and elastin protein synthesis and also used in anti-wrinkle treatment. It help skin thickness and firm, make skin firming.

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Acetyl tributyl citrate is a plasticizer or carrier solvent permitted in the field of food additive, food contact material as well as for polymers specially for cellulosics. It is also used in synthesis flavoring substances and adjuvants. Acetyl tributyl citrate can be used as a component of adhesives. It is innocuous plasticizer,mainly used as plasticizer of PVC, cellulose resin and synthetic rubber

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Ammonium Polyacrylate

Ammonium polyacrylate is used as a dispersant for all inorganic pigments and fillers in paints being compatible with all common synthetic emulsions. It has low foaming properties. It is also used in coatings, adhesives.

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Anhydrous Lactose, NF

Anhydrous Lactose, NF is a cosmetic chemical

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Aspartame, Powder, NF

Aspartame, Powder, NF is a cosmetic chemical.

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Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is the organic quaternary ammonium compound which can be used as biocide, cationic surfactant, and phase transfer agent in various laboratory chemical reactions. It possesses different industrial uses as detergent, textile softener, and synthesis of drugs, drugs preservation, hand sanitizers, skin antiseptic products and to treat other infections. Buy Benzalkonium Chloride from Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S a widely renowned company serving pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S is a high-quality pharmaceutical grade Benzalkonium Chloride supplier online.

Benzethonium Chloride

Benzethonium chloride is a synthetic quaternary ammonium salt. It has surfactant, antiseptic, and anti-infective properties, and it is used as a topical antimicrobial agent in first aid antiseptics. It is also found in cosmetics and toiletries such as mouthwashes, anti-itch ointments, and antibacterial moist towelettes. It is also used in the food industry as a hard surface disinfectant.

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Black Pepper Oil, FCC

Black Pepper Oil, FCC is a cosmetic chemical.

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Calamine, Powder, USP

Calamine is a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide. In cosmetics and personal care products, Calamine is used in the formulation of body and hand products, paste masks and other skin care products. Calamine has the capacity to absorb or soak up liquids. It also reduces the clear or transparent appearance of cosmetics and personal care product products. Calamine can be used in skin makeup for hiding blemishes and temporarily protects injured or exposed skin from harmful or annoying stimuli and may provide relief to the skin.

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Calcium Pyrophosphate

Calcium pyrophosphate is a chemical compound that can be formed by the reaction of pyrophosphoric acid and a calcium base or by strongly heating calcium phosphate or calcium ammonium phosphate. It is commonly used as a mild abrasive agent in toothpastes. Deposition of CPPD in articular joints causes an arthritis condition called pseudogout.

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