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Schercozoline O imidazoline

Schercozoline O imidazoline is a water-in-oil emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor with an oleic fatty acid source. Schercozoline O imidazoline can also be used as an intermediate for quaternary ammonium compounds for hair conditioning applications.

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Sebacic Acid

Sebacic Acid and its homologues such as azelaic acid can be used in plasticizers, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, cosmetics, candles, etc. Sebacic Acid is also used as an intermediate for aromatics, antiseptics, and painting materials.

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Selenium Sulfide Industrial Grade 99%

Selenium sulfide is bright orange to reddish brown powder, which has little smell of hydrogen sulfide. It is a kind of chemical raw medicine, however it can do anti-dandruff adding in shampoo. Selenium disulfide has the effect of antifungal and curing seborrhea. Seleninic acid is the raw material.

Selenium Sulfide 

CAS No.: 7488-56-4 EINECS No.: 231-303-8 Molecular Formula: SeS2 Molecular Weight: 143.09
Melting Point: 100℃ UN 2657 6.1/PG 2    


Selenium sulphide can cure tinea versicolor, head seborrheic dermatitis, scurf and multicolored snake skin tinea. Its preparations are suspensions. SeS2 can add to shampoo for anti-dandruff. The allowed maximum concentration in cosmetics is 0.5%

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Sensidin DO

Sensidin DO combines the well-known deodorant and skin care properties of ethylhexylglycerin with the antimicrobial properties of octenidine HCl. The synergistic combination of these active ingredients provides good efficacy in deodorants at very low use concentrations. The features are it is effective against odor-causing bacteria, it acts gentle to the skin and further it is an odourless and colourless liquid.

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Sensiva PA 20

Sensiva PA 20 is a multifunctional cosmetic additive based on ethylhexylglycerin and phenethyl alcohol. Its unique properties make it suitable for the use in a wide range of cosmetic applications. It combines the excellent skin care and deodorizing properties of ethylhexylglycerin with the antimicrobial properties of phenethyl alcohol.

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Sensiva SC 10

Sensiva SC 10 is a unique, versatile preparations that boost preservative effectiveness and feel silky-smooth to the touch. It combines skin care and moisturizing with deodorizing and antimicrobial stabilizing properties and enhances preservative efficacy. Further it is acts as emollient and as a mild humectant.

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SeraSense SF CPM

SeraSense SF CPM is an alkyl modified siloxane for use in various skin, colour and lip care formulations to improve smoothness, detakification and emollience. This polymer is also very compatible with organic ingredients meaning that formulations containing natural materials can be created that still feel light and silky.

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SeraSense SF MTM

SeraSense SF MTM is a branched volatile silicone, which has a faster volatility and lower freezing point. It’s unique sensory profile improves skin wetting, with a quick evaporation that leaves a dry, silky feel on the skin. The features are it provides unique sensory feel, it has excellent compatibility, it provides no irritation and further it is odourless with ultra-high purity.

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SeraShine EM 203-A

SeraShine EM 203-A is an anionic emulsion of very high viscosity polydimethylsiloxane for use in rich conditioning shampoos and with careful formulation, can be incorporated into excellent cationic conditioner products. It is designed for frequent use. This emulsion is versatile enough to be formulated into products for all hair types. It improves wet combing whilst leaving the hair soft and smooth. Recommended usage level is 0.5-5% depending on conditioning required and hair type.

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SeraShine EM 506

SeraShine EM 506 is a benzoic acid preserved co-emulsion of high viscosity dimethicone and quaternised silicone for enhanced conditioning to dry, damaged and frizzy hair. The dimethicone portion of the emulsion smoothes and conditions the hair, whereas the silicone quaternium-17 adheres to the damaged areas of the hair, repairing dry ends. It is supplied as a 65% active, non-ionic macro-emulsion for easy incorporation into shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

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