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Zinc is a metallic chemical element. It is the 24th most abundant element in the Earth's crust and has five stable isotopes. Corrosion-resistant zinc plating of steel is the major application for zinc. Other applications are in batteries and alloys, such as brass. A variety of zinc compounds are commonly used, such as zinc carbonate and zinc gluconate as dietary supplements, zinc chloride in deodorants, zinc pyrithione in anti-dandruff shampoos, zinc sulfide in luminescent paints, and zinc methyl or zinc diethyl in the organic laboratory. Zinc oxide is widely used as a white pigment in paints, and as a catalyst in the manufacture of rubber. It is also used as a heat disperser for the rubber and acts to protect its polymers from ultraviolet radiation. The semiconductor properties of zinc oxide make it useful in varistors and photocopying products.

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ANCHOR COATING AGENT FOR LAMINATION COATING: Primer or anchoring agent for plastic film lamination coating on the paper Mainly, it is useful for disposable paper cup for vending machine. Excellent heat-seal property and antistatic effect. ACA-3 is possible to be applied in several industry fields as follows ; Adhesion industry / Paint industry / Textile industry / Cosmetics industry / etc.


Borax is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. It has a wide variety of uses. It is a component of many detergents, cosmetics, and enamel glazes. It is also used to make buffer solutions in biochemistry, as a fire retardant, as an anti-fungal compound for fiberglass, as an insecticide, as a flux in metallurgy, a texturing agent in cooking, and as a precursor for other boron compounds.The term borax is used for a number of closely related minerals or chemical compounds that differ in their crystal water content, but usually refers to the decahydrate.

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Metol is a developing agent used in black & white photographic developers. In its pure form, it is a solid rather light-sensitive chemical which is the half sulfate (hemisulfate) salt of N-methyl-p-aminophenol. It is also used as hair dye intermediate.

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Nerol is a monoterpene found in many essential oils such as lemongrass. It was originally isolated from neroli oil, hence its name. It is used in perfumery. Like geraniol, nerol has a sweet rose odor but it is considered to be fresher. It can be synthesized by pyrolysis of beta-pinene, which affords myrcene.

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