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Brominated Vegetable Oil, FCC

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is vegetable oil that has had atoms of the element bromine bonded to it. Brominated vegetable oil is used as an emulsifier in citrus-flavored soft drinks to help natural fat-soluble citrus flavors stay suspended in the drink and to produce a cloudy appearance. The addition of bromine increases the density of the oil, and the amount of bromine is carefully controlled to achieve a density that is the same as the water in the drink. As a result, the BVO remains suspended in the water instead of forming separate layers.

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C-(1h-Indol-5-Yl)-Methylamine is a cosmetic chemical.

Calcium Salicylate, Dihydrate

Calcium Salicylate, Dehydrate is a cosmetic chemical.

Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride

Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride is an anti-microbial agent that acts as an inhibitor of MMP-2 and MMP-9.

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Chlorpheniramine Maleate, USP

Chlorpheniramine Maleate, USP is an active ingredient found in many prescription medications and over-the-counter products used for treating allergies, hives, and the common cold. It is part of a class of drugs called antihistamines. It blocks a specific type of histamine receptor in the body known as H1 receptors. Chlorpheniramine Maleate also blocks acetylcholine receptors, an action that produces some of the unpleasant side effects of the medication, such as dry mouth or difficulty urinating, but also helps to relieve a runny nose.

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Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate

Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate is a hydrated calcium phosphate mineral. It is the common and widely used animal supplement. It has been used as a dental polishing material. In cosmetics and personal care products dicalcium phosphate dihydrate is used as abrasive, opacifying agent and oral care agent.

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Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate is a cosmetic chemical.

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a semisynthetic, inert, viscoelastic polymer used as an ophthalmic lubricant, as well as an excipient and controlled-delivery component in oral medicaments, found in a variety of commercial products. As a food additive, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is an emulsifier, thickening and suspending agent, and an alternative to animal gelatin. It is used primarily in construction materials like tile adhesives and renders where it is used as a rheology modifier and water retention agent. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose solutions were patented as a semisynthetic substitute for tear-film. In addition to its use in ophthalmic liquids, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose has been used as an excipient in oral tablet and capsule formulations, where, depending on the grade, it functions as controlled release agent to delay the release of a medicinal compound into the digestive tract. It is also used as a binder and as a component of tablet coatings. Other applications include paints, cosmetics and detergents.

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Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone

Neosperidin dihydrochalcone is an artificial sweetener derived from citrus. It was discovered during the 1960s as part of a United States Department of Agriculture research program to find methods for minimizing the taste of bitter flavorants in citrus juices. As a flavour enhancer, it is used in a wide range of products. Pharmaceutical companies are fond of the product as a means of reducing the bitterness of pharmacological drugs in tablet form, and it has been used for livestock feed as a means of reducing feeding time. Other products NHDC can be found in may include a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, savoury foods, toothpaste, mouthwash and condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

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Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide

Tetramethylammonium hydroxide is a quaternary ammonium salt. It is used as an anisotropic etchant of silicon. It is also used as a basic solvent in the development of acidic photoresist in the photolithography process. Since it is a phase transfer catalyst, it is highly effective in stripping photoresist. It is also used as a surfactant in the synthesis of ferrofluid, to prevent agglomeration.

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