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2-Methylpentanoic Acid

2-Methylpentanoic Acid used as flavor and fragrance agent in cosmetic industry.

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2-Methylresorcinol is used as a component of hair dyes, anti-dandruff agent in shampoo and sunscreen cosmetics. It is also used as a chemical intermediate to synthesis pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds.

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2-Nonanol is a simple alcohol. It has the odor of cucumber, and has been identified in oysters. It is used by several insects as pheromones. It is commercially available.

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2-Octanol can be used as the raw materials for polyethylene plastic plasticizers, synthetic oil agents, pesticide emulsifier agents, and in the preparation for the spices and anti-foaming agent. It is also used in the perfume industry.

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2-Octyl-1-dodecanol is widely used in cosmetics, detergent dispersants industry, fiber-moistening agents, printing ink assistant agents , high grade oil additives and other fields.

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2-Pentanone is a colorless liquid ketone with an odor resembling that of acetone. It is sometimes used in very small amounts as a flavoring food additive. Two other ketones, 3-pentanone and methyl isopropyl ketone are isomers of 2-pentanone.

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