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(Ethylenedinitrilo)tetraacetic Acid, Powder, Reagent, ACS

EDTA is mainly used to sequester metal ions in aqueous solution.In the textile industry, it prevents metal ion impurities from modifying colours of dyed products.In similar manner, EDTA is added to some food as a preservative or stabilizer to prevent catalytic oxidative decolouration.In personal care products, it is added to cosmetics to improve their stability toward air.

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High pruity Skin lightening raw material Kojic Acid Dipalmitate 99%min

Product Description:

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate is an ester of Kojic Acid offering superior stability. Kojic Acid itself can be prone to instability with color-changes occurring over time, whereas Kojic Dipalmitate retains its stability for longer. It is used as a skin whitening ingredient and to reduce the appearance of age-spots. Kojic Acid Dipalmitate offers more efficacious skin lightening effects.

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate (KAD) is a derivate product from Kojic Acid, it is also known as Kojic Dipalmitate.Kojic Acid Dipalmitate is a popular skin-whitening agent. Before introducing Kojic Acid Dipalmitate.Kojic Acid is fermented and purified by glucose or sucrose under the action of koji. Its whitening mechanism is to inhibit both tyrosinase activity and N-DHICA oxidaSe activity. Also it can block dihydroxyindole polymerization. Kojic Acid is a rare single whitening agent that inhibits multiple enzymes simultaneously. There are Kojic Acid cream, Kojic Acid soap in the market. However,Kojic Acid uses for skin is gradually replaced by its derivatives.


Due to Kojic Acid is unstable to light, heat and metal ion. It is not easily absorbed by skin. So Kojic Acid's derivatives came into being. Researchers have developed a number of Kojic Acid derivatives to improve performance of Kojic Acid. The derivatives not only have the same whitening mechanism as Kojic Acid, but also have better performance than Kojic Acid.

The most popular Kojic Acid whitening agent currently on the market is Kojic Acid Dipalmitate (KAD). It is a diesterified derivative of Kojic Acid. It has been found that combination of KAD and glucosamine derivatives will increase skin-whitening effect.

Benefits of Kojic Acid Dipalmitate:

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate can effectively restrain the activity of tyrosinase. It can repair skin problems, including chloasma, age spots, pigmentation, etc. Moreover, it has effect of sun block and skin-lightening. KAD possesses a good skin-whitening function.

1-(2'-Methoxyphenylazo)-2- hydroxy-7-trimethylammoniumnaphthalenechloride

1-(2'-Methoxyphenylazo)-2- hydroxy-7-trimethylammoniumnaphthalenechloride is used in cosmetics and widely used in hair color, and in oxidative hair dyes and non-oxidative hair dyes.

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