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Acetate C-9

Acetate C-9 is a cosmetic chemical.

Acid Blue 9

Acid blue 9 is used in soaps, shampoos, and other hygienic and cosmetics applications.

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Adipic Acid

Adipic acid is the most important dicarboxylic acid.It is mainly used as a precursor for the production of nylon. Adipic acid has been incorporated into controlled-release formulation matrix tablets to obtain pH-independent release for both weakly basic and weakly acidic drugs. It has also been incorporated into the polymeric coating of hydrophilic monolithic systems to modulate the intragel pH, resulting in zero-order release of a hydrophilic drug,in production of Plasticizes, poly-amides, Polyesters and herbicides in paint and varnish and textile industries.

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Agaric Acid

Agaric Acid is an inducer of mitochondrial permeability transition (MPT). It is used to study the MPT process at the level of the ADP and ATP exchange via the adenine nucleotide carrier/translocase.

Allianz OPT

Allianz OPT polymer is designed to deliver water resistance and wear resistance to skin care and sun care formulations, including color cosmetics. It is ideal for use in low-viscosity (sprayable) oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions, nonionic emulsification systems and when cold processes are required. It is the tetrapolymer emulsion polymerization product of methacrylic acid, methyl methacrylate, butyl acrylate and cetyl-eicosinyl methacrylate.

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Amylopectin is a polysaccharide and highly branched polymer of glucose found in plants. It is one of the two components of starch, the other being amylose.

Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is obtained from the seed kernels of Prunus armeniaca. It is used as a fragrance and flavor ingredient, Aromatherapy oils, spa's oils, as a herbal Ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal Products.

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Arlypon F-T

Arlypon F-T is a thickener,ethoxylated fatty alcohol.It is a non ionic surfactant used in cosmetics and detergents.


Astaxanthin is a carotenoid.It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes.It is similar in structure than beta-carotene.It is classified as a xanthophyll.Astaxanthin is found in microscopic small plants,microalgae, yeast, salmon, trout, krill, shrimp, crayfish, crustaceans, and the feathers of some birds.Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that may improve our immune system and may protect against neurodegenerative conditions, against UV-light effects and against cancer. Astaxanthin could be beneficial for hearth health by reducing inflammation, preventing oxidation of cholesterol and by modifying blood levels of cholesterol.It is used as a feed supplement for salmon, crabs, shrimp, chickens and egg production.It also has been found to be essential for proper growth and survival, as a food supplement.

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BIOPOL C 20 is high purity synergistic aqueous formulation of MI/MCI.BIOPOL C 20 is used for control development of bacteria, moulds and yeasts in rinse-off formulations.

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