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Citronellol, or dihydrogeraniol, is a natural acyclic monoterpenoid. Both enantiomers occur in nature. (+)-Citronellol, which is found citronella oils, including Cymbopogon nardus (50%), is the more common isomer. (−)-Citronellol is found in the oils of rose (18-55%) and Pelargonium geraniums. Citronellol is used in perfumes and insect repellents, and as a mite attractant.[3]. It is also a raw material for the production of rose oxide. The United States FDA considers citronellol as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe for food use). Citronellol should be avoided by people with perfume allergy.

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ColaMid HPC

ColaMid HPC is an effective emulsifier and solubilizing agent in cosmetic creams, lotions and other toiletry products. As a result of these functions, it can also be used as a viscosity control agent in these applications.

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Collaxyl IS

Collaxyl IS is clinically proven to reduce significantly the length and depth of wrinkles. Its skin repair benefits have application in after-shave men's anti-aging products.

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Conarom H-3

Conarom H-3 is a glycolic blend of Piperonal and Phenylpropanol. It is effective on its own against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and mold. The vanilla-like aroma of Conarom H-3 means that it should only be added to perfumed formulations. It is recommended for use in leave-on and rinse-off applications, including creams, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners.

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Crosilkquat is based on quaternised silk amino acids, exhibiting excellent substantivity to the hair surface at low concentrations, thereby improving softness, texture and handling characteristics.


DYNASAN 114 is used in the cosmetic industries as adjuvants in stick formulations as crystallization accelerators and seeding agents to improve the solidification process. Further they can be used in creams and lotions as body-imparting and structure-forming components. It is suggested for use in facial creme, body lotion, sun care, foundations, eye care and lip sticks.

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DermoShield protects the hands and skins against soaps, detergents, solvents, chemicals, irritants and over-exposure to water due to frequent washing of hands. It is ideal for the prevention of occupational skin diseases.

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Escalol 507

Escalol 507 is a powerful oil-soluble UV-B absorber. It provides cost-effective performance.

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Escalol 517

Escalol 517 is a broad spectrum UVA absorber with a strong absorber of radiation in the longer wavelengths of the UVA (UVA-I 340-400 nm) not covered effectively by other UV absorbers. It protects against photodamage and premature ageing of the skin caused by exposure to UVA light.

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Escalol 557

Escalol 557 is the most widely used sunscreen in the world

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