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Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid has been beneficial in improving dry skin, treating age spots, decreasing facial lines, and rejuvenating the skin's surface.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is widely used in cosmetic skin care.


Polyisobutylene is a very versatile, non-toxic, water-white viscous liquid and has the ability to increase tackiness, to provide water-repellency, to improve viscosity-index and it provides excellent electrical insulation. The Connect PB-range is non-hazardous and has no-odor, whereby the product can be used as a thickener and lubricant in a wide range of applications, such as Adhesives, Glues, Sealants, Resins, Lubricants, Asphalt, Stretch Wrap, Electrical insulation, Cosmetics and Food (Gumbase-grade). The standard molecular weight ranges from 300 to 2400 and the product can be easily mixed/ blended into Synthetic and Mineral Oils, Waxes, Solvents, Esters, Polymers, Resins and Bitumen.

Sugarcane wax

The Sugarcane Wax is a natural and 100% renewable wax with high melting point (around 80°C). It is obtained with the revalorization of molasses, which toxic for the environnement, of sugar cane production. It shows very good performance in cosmetic for pencil, lipstick or pressed powder application. In food industry sugarcane wax can enter in button medicinal preparation, luminous medicinal preparation, in chewing gum, the chocolate production. It can also be used in coating, the printing ink, the floor wax, the electric appliance, the blasting explosive, the carbon paper, the moisture proof paper.


Triethanolamine also is known as TEA, is an organic colorless compound having both a tertiary amine and a triol. Characteristics of triethanolamine are, it is soluble in water, alcohols have a liquid ammoniacal odor. Triethanolamine plays various roles such as neutralizing agent, emulsifier, an organic additive in making cosmetics, paints, polishes, detergents, personal care products and fragrances.


1,2-Octanediol used in coating materials, slurries, paper mills and water circulation systems for the effective preservation against bacteria and fungi. 1,2-Octanediol is used as an emollient, humectant, and wetting agent in cosmetic and skin care products.

Butyl Propionate

Butyl Propionate is a water-white colored ester. It is a good choice of slow evaporating solvent, and for replacing xylene in various industrial applications. Butyl Propionate ester reacts with acids to liberate heat along with alcohols and acids. As a solvent butyl propionate can be used in paints, coatings, printing inks, architectural coatings and auto plastics.

Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate is the product of saponification reaction between the stearic acid and calcium oxide. It regarded as calcium soap. Calcium stearate is physiologically safe waxy material finds uses in many specialty chemical industries like lubricant in pencils, crayons, paper production, surfactants, foodstuffs, fabrics waterproofing agent, acid scavenger or neutralizer in the plastics industry.

Etidronic Acid

Etidronic Acid is a bisphosphonate used as a medication, detergent, water treatment, and cosmetic.Etidronic acid is a bisphosphonate used to strengthen bone, treat osteoporosis, and treat Paget's disease of bone. Etidronic Acid is used as a retardant in concrete, scale and corrosion inhibition in circulating cool water system, oil field and low-pressure boilers in fields such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, fertilizer, etc.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is very commonly used as a carrier or base for various types of makeup in cosmetic industries.

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