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Texapon N 70

Texapon N 70 is a highly concentrated sodium lauryl ether sulphate derived from natural fatty alcohols. Due to its high content of washing active substance, Texapon N 70 is particularly suited for highly concentrated endproducts, or if raw materials with a lower water content are required.

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Turpinal 4NL

Turpinal 4NL suited for personal care and cosmetic applications. It is an excellent chelating agent for transition metals such as iron, copper, manganese and zinc.

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Verbascoside is a phenylethanoid and a caffeic acid sugar ester. It has an antimicrobial activity, notably against Staphylococcus aureus. It can also have anti-inflammatory properties. It shows a genotoxicity on human lymphocytes with an involvement of PARP-1 and p53 proteins. It is a protein kinase C inhibitor.

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Vivisept CVT

Vivisept CVT is effective preservation is important to ensure product quality, safety and integrity. Vivisept CVT is a reliable and effective broad spectrum preservative for cosmetic products.

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Zinc Acetate

Zinc acetate is the chemical compound with pearly-white crystals appearance.It is used as a catalyst in the production of polyesters, polyamides, polyether and vinyl acetate,used in the manufacture of acrylic emulsions, phenolic foam for thermal insulation.It also be used as a PVC blowing agent, a wood preservative, in textile dyeing, as well as in the waterproofing of textiles, paper and leather,antibiotics, insulin, creams and lotions and in mouth rinses.

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Zinc Citrate

Zinc citrate can be formulated in pharmaceuticals, and foods as a zinc supplement. It is used as an ingredient to treat common cold and various hygienic products. Zinc inhibits the growth of bacteria in the throat and can be used in toothpaste.

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Zinc Laurate

Zinc Laurate is a type of metallic stearates. It is widely used in preparation of pharma intermediates and cosmetics.

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tert-Butanol is the simplest tertiary alcohol. It is one of the four isomers of butanol. It is used as a solvent, as a denaturant for ethanol, as an ingredient in paint removers, as an octane booster for gasoline, as an oxygenate gasoline additive, and as an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemical commodities such as MTBE, ETBE, TBHP, other flavors and perfumes.

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Valencene is a sesquiterpene that is an aroma component of citrus fruit and citrus-derived odorants. It is cheaply obtained from Valencia oranges.Valencene is biosynthesized from FPP by the CVS enzyme.Valencene is used as a Flavour and Fragrance ingredient.

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1-Bromobutane is a primary alkyl halide. It is commonly used as an alkylating agent, or in combination with magnesium metal in dry ether to form carbon-carbon bonds. 1-Bromobutane may also be used to form other organometallic compounds, such as n-butyllithium.

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