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Crodamol ISIS

Crodamol ISIS is based on a fully saturated, branched fatty acid and fatty alcohol of vegetable origin. Substantive emollient with demonstrated skin moisture-barrier enhancing effects.

Cropeptide W

Cropeptide W offers water soluable wheat protein hydrolysate in a synergistic hydrating complex with wheat oligosaccharides. Its combination of film forming and moisturising properties make it an extremely functional active for the hair.


Cuminaldehyde is a natural organic compound. It is a benzaldehyde with an isopropyl group substituted in the 4-position. It is a constituent of the essential oils of eucalyptus, myrrh, cassia, cumin and others. It has a pleasant smell and contributes to the aroma of these oils. It is used commercially in perfumes and other cosmetics. It can be prepared synthetically by the reduction of 4-isopropylbenzoyl chloride or by the formylation of cumene.

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DL-Malic acid

DL-Malic Acid can be used as an acidulant in cool drinks, frozen foods, processed foods. It is used as color-keeper and antiseptic of juice. It also can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, cosmetic, rinse, metal cleaner, buffering agent, retarder in textile industry, fluorescent whitening agent of polyester fibre.

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Derycide CD42

Derycide CD42 is a blend of chloride and methyl isothiazolones stabilised in aqueous solution. It possesses a high activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast. It may be added at any time during the manufacturing process. A high level of agitation and mixing is required to allow the product to homogenise within the composition.

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EcoSense 1200

EcoSense 1200 is a vegetable-based, readily biodegradable surfactant provides sensory benefits to shampoos, facial washes, body washes/shower gels and hand soap formulations. It offers broad compatibility with other common personal care ingredients and is preservative free. It has an excellent environmental profile and offers formulators a surfactant solution with low ecotoxicity and toxicity.

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Emulsynt 1055

Emulsynt 1055 is a very effective w/o, w/silicone emulsifier. It has excellent auxiliary effects as a stabilizer for o/w preparations and is particularly useful for o/w to w/o phase inversion emulsion systems.

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Ethyl Laurate

Ethyl laurate is a more lipophilic and less toxic form of the free acid. It is usually used as flavor, spice, urethane additives and pharmaceutical raw materials. It can be used as fixing solutions in gas chromatography. It is also used as a softener, accelerator activator and dispersing agent in organic synthesis.

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Ethyl Paraben

Ethylparaben is the ethyl ester of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. It is a member of the class of compounds known as parabens. It is used as an antifungal preservative.

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Euxyl PE 9010

Euxyl PE 9010 is a cosmetic preservative that offers clear advantages such as good efficacy against bacteria, yeast, and mold. It is ideal for leave-on and wet-wipe products and stable to hydrolysis, temperature and pH. Further it is mild with low sensitization potential and has no controversial ingredients.

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