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Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is the smallest α-hydroxy acid. It is used in various skin-care products. It is used to improve the skin's appearance and texture. It may reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improve many other skin conditions, including actinic keratosis, hyperkeratosis, and seborrheic keratosis. Glycolic acid is also a useful intermediate for organic synthesis, in a range of reactions including: oxidation-reduction, esterification and long chain polymerization. It is used as a monomer in the preparation of polyglycolic acid and other biocompatible copolymers. Among other uses this compound finds employment in the textile industry as a dyeing and tanning agent, in food processing as a flavoring agent and as a preservative. Glycolic acid is often included into emulsion polymers, solvents and additives for ink and paint in order to improve flow properties and impart gloss.

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Hexanoic Acid

Hexanoic acid is the carboxylic acid derived from hexane. It is a fatty acid found naturally in various animal fats and oils, and is one of the chemicals that gives the decomposing fleshy seed coat of the ginkgo. It is used in organic synthesis, manufacture of perfume, medicine, lubricating grease, rubber and dye.

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Hydriol KPG.6

Solutizer for essential oils that creates an excellent skinfeeling.

Hydriol PGC.2

PEG-free thickener and moisturiser, that causes an excellent skin feeling.

Indunal T 147

Indunal T 147 is an emulsion polymer based on acrylates, carboxylated. It is used as acrylic thickener for emulsion paints and plasters, wood lacquers and stains, adhesives, paper coatings, household cleaners (i. e. scouring fluids) and textile coatings

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Iselux LQ-CLR

Iselux LQ-CLR is 32% active clear pale yellow liquid. Sulfate-free anionic surfactant for clear and opaque systems.

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L-Erythrulose is used as a tanning agent in the cosmetics industry and a source of chiral ethyl ketones used in aldo reaction organic synthesis.

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Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acid is an unsaturated n-6 fatty acid. Chemically, linoleic acid is a carboxylic acid with an 18-carbon chain and two cis double bonds; the first double bond is located at the sixth carbon from the methyl end. It is one of two essential fatty acids that humans and other animals must ingest for good health because the body requires them for various biological processes, but can not synthesize them from other food components. It is used in making soaps, emulsifiers, and quick-drying oils. Reduction of linoleic acid yields linoleyl alcohol. It has become increasingly popular in the beauty products industry because of its beneficial properties on the skin. Research points to linoleic acid's anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties when applied topically on the skin.

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Mandelic Acid

Mandelic acid is an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid. It is a useful precursor to various drugs. Since the molecule is chiral, it exists in either of two enantiomers as well as the racemic mixture. It is also an alternative to glycolic acid in skin care products. The drugs cyclandelate and homatropine are esters of mandelic acid.

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