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Sasolwax 7835

Sasolwax 7835 is an odorless, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, white solid microcrystalline wax.It is used for the formulations of creams and lipsticks to adjust hardness/softness as well as solidification point.This product can be used in lip care, lipsticks,decorative cosmetics/beauty products,and gum base/food coatings, confectionery dividing agents.Its congealing point is between 70 and 80°C with an oil content between 0.0 and 2.5%.

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Sensiva PA 20

Sensiva PA 20 is a multifunctional cosmetic additive based on ethylhexylglycerin and phenethyl alcohol. Its unique properties make it suitable for the use in a wide range of cosmetic applications. It combines the excellent skin care and deodorizing properties of ethylhexylglycerin with the antimicrobial properties of phenethyl alcohol.

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Sensiva SC 10

Sensiva SC 10 is a unique, versatile preparations that boost preservative effectiveness and feel silky-smooth to the touch. It combines skin care and moisturizing with deodorizing and antimicrobial stabilizing properties and enhances preservative efficacy. Further it is acts as emollient and as a mild humectant.

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Si-Tec CM 040

Si-Tec CM 040 is used as carriers and dilutents in hair and skin care products adding conditioning, lubricity and shine.

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Si-Tec DM 350

Si-Tec DM 350 is used for conditioning, lubricity, anti-tack emolliency and shine for hair and skin care products

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Sodium Oleate

Sodium oleate is an unsaturated fatty acid. It is utilized for a variety of commercial purposes, especially the production of soap. It is also often used in the production of insoluble metallic stearates. Other uses of the fatty acid include its inclusion in industrial lubricants and various oil-based cosmetics as a thickening or gelling agent.

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Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. Succinate plays a biochemical role in the citric acid cycle. The name derives from Latin succinum, meaning amber, from which the acid may be obtained. The carboxylate anion is called succinate and esters of succinic acid are called alkyl succinates. Succinic acid is used as an flavoring agent for food and beverages. It is also used as a intermediate for dyes, perfumes, lacquers, photographic chemicals, alkyd resins, plasticizer, metal treatment chemical, and medicines.

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Sulfochem AEG

Sulfochem AEG is a versatile ammonium salt based concentrated surfactant blend appropriate for a wide variety of personal care products.

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Sulisobenzone is an ingredient in some sunscreens which protects the skin from damage by UVB and short-wave UVA ultraviolet light.

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Umbelliferone is a widespread natural product of the coumarin family. It occurs in many familiar plants from the Apiaceae family. It absorbs ultraviolet light strongly at several wavelengths. The ultraviolet activity of umbelliferone led to its use as a sunscreen agent, and an optical brightener for textiles. It has also been used as a gain medium for dye lasers. It can be used as a fluorescence indicator for metal ions such as copper and calcium.

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