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ALKONT 5405 BP is a pearlizing agent that does not need to be heated to be added into cosmetic formulations, contributing to reduced energy consumption. It is biodegradable and has low toxicity.

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ALKONT EL 3645 is an efficient liquid and mild rheological modifier for cosmetic formulations. It offers valuable attributes as an excellent thicker for salt-free shampoo formulations. It is ideal for children and personal care applications.

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Acetoacetone is a beta-diketone.It is used to forms a amino acids, drugs, colorants, lacquers, perfumes, pesticides, unsaturated polyesters, and polymers.

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Acetylcysteine is the acetylated form of L-cysteine.It is a pharmaceutical drug and nutritional supplement used primarily as a mucolytic agent and in the management of paracetamol (acetaminophen) overdose.It is used as a cough medicine because it breaks disulfide bonds in mucus and liquefies it, making it easier to cough up. It is also this action of breaking disulfide bonds that makes it useful in thinning the abnormally thick mucus in Cystic Fibrosis patients.It is very efficiently absorbed and has been shown to protect cells directly and support the immune system. Acetylcysteine is an antioxidant and a free radical-scavenging agent that increases intracellular glutathione at the cellular level.It can act as a precursor for glutathione synthesis as well as a stimulator of the cytosolic enzymes involved in glutathione regeneration.It is used in medical treatment of chronic bronchitis, cancer, and paracetamol intoxication.

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Acetylpyrazine is used to form many polycyclic compounds, as useful structures in pharmaceuticals and perfumes. It is a component of the folates (vitamin B compounds) and of the isoalloxazine ring nucleus of flavins. Numerous pyrazine derivatives such as pyrazine polycyclic compounds, alkyl-, alicyclic-, and alkylaryl-substituted compounds, derivatives containing oxygenated functional groups and thio- functional groups in the side-chains are used in biological, drug, flavouring and perfumery industry. 2-Acetylpyrazine is used as a composition of flavouring especially in baked and chocolate properties. Odor Description : bread crust, nutty, popcorn, chocolate.

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Allyl Caproate

Allyl caproate is employed principally in the formulation of pineapple flavors but it can also be used for peach and apricot essences and for apple blossom, peach blossom, and wisteria perfume compositions. It is an ingredient of some lipstick perfumes. It also adds a sweet juicy note to citrus flavors.

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Amyl cinnamate

Amyl cinnamate is a cosmetic chemical

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Arachidic acid

Arachidic acid, also called eicosanoic acid, is a saturated fatty acid found as a minor constituent of peanut oil and corn oil. Its name derives from the Latin arachis — peanut. It can be formed by the hydrogenation of arachidonic acid. Reduction of arachidic acid yields arachidyl alcohol.

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Benzephenone-3 is an organic compound used in sunscreens. It is used as an ingredient in sunscreen and other cosmetics because it absorbs UVB and short-wave UVA (ultraviolet) rays. It was one of the first compounds incorporated into sunscreen formulations to offer enhanced UVA protection.

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Benzyl Acetate

Benzyl acetate is the ester formed by condensation of benzyl alcohol and acetic acid. It is found naturally in many flowers. It is the primary constituent of the essential oils from the flowers jasmine, ylang-ylang and tobira. It has pleasant sweet aroma reminiscent of jasmine. Consequently, it is used widely in perfumery and cosmetics for its aroma and in flavorings to impart apple and pear flavors. Benzyl acetate is also used as a solvent in plastics and resin, cellulose acetate, nitrate, oils, lacquers, polishes and inks.

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