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Beta Damascone

Beta Damascone is used in fragrances, tobacco flavors, cosmetics and food flavors.

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BoNT-L peptide

BoNT-L peptide is a synthetic peptide with Botox-like activity.BoNT-L-peptide inactivates SNAP-25 from the SNARE complex. It prevents the fusion of the acetylcholine filled vesicle with the plasmatic membrane. The consequences is the prevention of the release of the acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft.

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Brookosome SOD

Brookosome SOD is used in body lotion, treatment (body), toner, facial moisturizer, treatment (face), makeup foundation, lipstick.

Butyl Butyrate

Butyl butyrate, or butyl butanoate, is an organic compound that is an ester formed by the condensation of butyric acid and n-butanol. It is a clear, colorless liquid that is insoluble in water, but miscible with ethanol and diethyl ether. Its refractive index is 1.406 at 20 °C. Like other volatile esters, butyl butyrate has a pleasant aroma. It is used in the flavor industry to create sweet fruity flavors that are similar to that of pineapple. It occurs in many kinds of fruit, e.g., apple, banana, berries, pear, plum, and strawberry. It's a marine pollutant. It mildly irritates the eyes and skin

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Butyl Caproate

Butyl Caproate is a colourless tp pale yellow liquid with pineapple odour ,It is widely used as flavouring and fragrance agent.

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CREMERCOOR EHP is a medium spreading synthetic emollient with good oxidation stability. The good compatibility with other oils makes it a versatile oil component for many cosmetic applications. It is a semi-synthetic ester made of 2-ethylhexanol and palmatic acid. It shows excellent dispersing and dissolving properties for pigments and sunscreens. The low viscosity makes it particularly suitable for the use in wet wipe lotions.

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CalBlend CLEAR

CalBlend CLEAR is a clear, high-foaming performance blend with good foam stability, excellent lather, high flash foam and great cleansing properties. All surfactants in CalBlend CLEAR are biodegradable and derived from natural vegetable resources.

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CalBlend ECO-1

CalBlend ECO-1 is an environmentally and economically friendly performance blend that is biodegradable and derived from renewable vegetable resources. It offers excellent cleansing, viscosity, flash foam, luxurious lather and skin mildness characteristics. DEA free.

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Calcium Iodate

Calcium iodate is a compound of calcium and iodate anion. It is used as a dough conditioner. It is an oxidant added to lotions and ointments as an antiseptic and deodorant. It may be formed by the anodic oxidation of calcium iodide.

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Caloxamine CPO

Caloxamine CPO is fully compatible with anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants. It provides excellent foam stabilization, copious foam and foam-boosting properties. Caloxamine CPO offers good viscosity-building and emulsification characteristics.

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