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Multitrope 810

Multitrope 810 is a liquid anionic surfactant. It is a highly cost effective hydrotrope, compatible with a wide variety of surfactants. Multitrope 810 is particularly useful in high pH or high electrolyte formulations.


N-Acetylindole is an aromatic heterocyclic organic compound. It has a bicyclic structure, consisting of a six-membered benzene ring. It is mainly used in perfumes for fragrance and pharmaceuticals.

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NEOLONE PH 100 Preservative is a broad spectrum antimicrobial useful for the protection of water based cosmetic and personal care products, including shampoos, hair conditioners, creams, wipes, and baby-care products. Due to its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi, and over a wide pH range, 4.0 to 8.0, NEOLONE PH 100 Preservative is well suited to provide protection from contamination encountered in the personal care field. In addition, NEOLONE PH 100 Preservative has both water and oil-solubility.

Optasense G40A

Optasense G40A forms cost-effective, clear, viscous aqueous and aqueous alcoholic gels that are non-tacky, easy to rub in and with good pick up.


PROTEOL OAT PF is a foaming anionic surfactant that is gentle for the skin and the environment. It is derived from oats-type amino-acids. It caresses the skin with its very soft foam, for a respectful cleansing. It is used for providing cleansing formulas for sensitive skins, in shampoos, in shower gels, in micellar waters, in facial cleansers etc.

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Plasdone S-630

Plasdone S-630 polymer is 60:40 linear random copolymer of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate. Soluble in water and in many organic solvents, the polymer is substantive, and acts as a film-former. It is also used as a tablet binder for denture cleaning tablets. It provides high breaking force and low friability to cleaning tablets.

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Polawax GP-200

Polawax GP-200 is a general purpose emulsifying wax composed of vegetable-derived emulsifiers and stabilizers. This proprietary blend offers formulators a quick and reliable solution to a wide variety of emulsification problems.

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Polycare Boost

Polycare Boost is a patented solution for use in high performance shampoos and conditionners. It combines a proprietary deposition polymer and a silicone oil into a single, liquid system that gives simplicity and flexibility in processing.

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Polysorbate 40

Polysorbate 40 is used in skin care products and and as an skincare freshners.

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Polysorbate 60

Polysorbate 60 is used in detergent, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. it is also used as an emulsifier for plastic & polymers, personal care and industrial applications.

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