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1,2-Pentanediol was the first of the 1,2-alkanediols introduced to the cosmetic industry. It used as solvents for various cosmetic actives and viscosity modifiers, as synthesis fungicides propiconazole pharmaceutical, chemical intermediate.

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1,3-Propanediol supplied by Shell Chemicals Japan Ltd is used as a building block in the production of polymers such as polytrimethylene terephthalate.1,3-Propanediol can be formulated into a variety of industrial products including composites, adhesives, laminates, coatings, moldings, aliphatic polyesters, and copolyesters. It is also a solvent and used as an antifreeze and wood paint. Buy 1,3-Propanediol online from Shell Chemicals a top supplier of industrial chemicals and renewable chemicals.


1-Bromodocosane is a cosmetic chemical.

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2,5-Hexanedione is a diketone and a toxic metabolite of hexane.It is used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the synthesis of various compounds.

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2-Allyl Furoate

Allyl 2-furoate is a aromatic ester.It is a solvent mainly used for flavors and fragrances.

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2-Butoxyethanol is an organic solvent. It is a butyl ether of ethylene glycol. It is a solvent in paints and surface coatings, as well as cleaning products and inks. Other products that contain 2-butoxyethanol include acrylic resin formulations, asphalt release agents, firefighting foam, leather protectors, oil spill dispersants, degreaser applications, photographic strip solutions, whiteboard cleaners, liquid soaps, cosmetics, dry cleaning solutions, lacquers, varnishes, herbicides, and latex paints.

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2-Ethoxyethanol is a solvent used widely in commercial and industrial applications.It can be manufactured by the reaction of ethylene oxide with ethanol.It is used as a component or solvent for nitrocellulose, a wide variety of dyes, inks, cleaning agents, resins, paints, and varnishes. It is used for increasing the stability of emulsions, used as a destaining solution for lipoproteins on polyacrylamide gels stained with Sudan Black B.

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3-Phenylbutanal are used in perfumes and in cosmetics.


4-Methoxyphenol is used as an inhibitor in vinyl and acrylic monomers, especially for clear products and as an antioxidant. 4-Methoxyphenol is used as a stabilizer to inhibit peroxide formation in ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons and ethyl cellulose. 4-Methoxyphenol is also used as an intermediate to manufacture other stabilizers, dyes, pharmaceuticals and plasticizers.

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6-Nitroindazole is used in amino acids, perfumes, colorants. It is also useful in organic synthesis and used in pharma as Anticonvulsant.

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