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Sunnol LM-1130

Sunnol LM-1130 is a alkyl sulfate,anionic surfactant.

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Synthalen W400

Synthalen W400 is an anionic acrylic copolymer supplied as a low viscosity o/w emulsion. Its immediate dispersion, clarity and good compatibility with surfactants make Synthalen W400 the ideal polymer for the formulation of surfactant systems, especially when high suspending ability is required. Many types of insoluble ingredients are easily suspended and stabilized including: beads and capsules, polyethylene, walnut shell, luffa, pumice, pearlizing and opacifying agents, pigments and zinc pyrithione.

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Zinc Aspartate

Zinc aspartate is a salt of zinc with the amino acid aspartic acid. Zinc Aspartate is an important naturally occurring bioavailable delivery form of the immune boosting vital micro-mineral zinc. Zinc aspartate is used in acne treatment, sunscreen lotions, around-eye creams, body firming creams and lotions and in skin fading and lightening lotions.

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p-Chlorocresol is a chlorinated phenol which is used as an antiseptic and preservative. For use as a disinfectant such as a hand wash, it is commonly dissolved in alcohol in combination with other phenols. It is a moderate allergen for sensitive skin.

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p-Tolualdehyde is a simple aromatic aldehyde. It is used as an intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, perfumes and agrochemicals. It is also used as a fixative of flavorings.

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1,10-Decanediol is used as an intermediate for cosmetics, lubricants, and plasticizers.

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1,2-Pentanediol was the first of the 1,2-alkanediols introduced to the cosmetic industry. It used as solvents for various cosmetic actives and viscosity modifiers, as synthesis fungicides propiconazole pharmaceutical, chemical intermediate.

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1,3-Propanediol supplied by Shell Chemicals Japan Ltd is used as a building block in the production of polymers such as polytrimethylene terephthalate.1,3-Propanediol can be formulated into a variety of industrial products including composites, adhesives, laminates, coatings, moldings, aliphatic polyesters, and copolyesters. It is also a solvent and used as an antifreeze and wood paint. Buy 1,3-Propanediol online from Shell Chemicals a top supplier of industrial chemicals and renewable chemicals.


1-Bromodocosane is a cosmetic chemical.

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2,5-Hexanedione is a diketone and a toxic metabolite of hexane.It is used as a solvent and as an intermediate in the synthesis of various compounds.

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