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Acetyl Tyrosine

Acetyl Tyrosine is a cosmetic chemical.

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Allyl Caprylate

Allyl Caprylate is a colourless with fruity odour ,It is used mainly as flavour and fragrance agent.It is used widely in food and beverages.

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Alpha Damascone

Alpha Damascone is used as flavouring agent in dairy products, candies, processed fruits, sauces. Alpha Damascone is also constituent in rose perfumes and also used in cosmetics.

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Alpha bisabolol

Alpha bisabolol is one of the most soothing skin care ingredients is the concentrated active from the medicinal plant, Chamomile.

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Aluminium Oxide

LTS Chemical Inc is offering high purity Aluminium oxide manufactured from the high-grade ingredients. Aluminium oxide is naturally found in the bauxite ore, commonly known as alumina. It is composed of aluminium, oxygen elements, having the chemical formula of Al2O3. Aluminium oxide has high thermal conductivity, and acts as electrical insulator. It is chemically inert material and has found use as filler in plastics, cosmetic products, glass formulations, as a catalyst in the gas desulfurizing process, and used in abrasives and paint additives. Post your requirement to buy Aluminium Oxide from the LTS Chemical Inc the best industry supplier of Aluminium Oxide.

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