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Isothiazolinone is a cosmetic chemical.


Kappa-Carrageen is a type of gelatin combined with flavored liquids and used for enrobing.It is a gelling agent extracted from a type of red seaweed that grows off the Irish coast. It has been used to make a traditional Irish pudding.It creates a firm gel with a brittle texture that is suitable for both hot and cold preparations.

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LIPOXOL 600 MED is having excellent solvent properties and silky feel without greasiness when used in creams.

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Methyl Butyrate

Methyl butyrate is the methyl ester of butyric acid. Like most esters, it has a fruity odour, in this case resembling apples or pineapples. It is present in small amounts in several plant products, especially pineapple oil. It can be produced by distillation from essential oils of vegetable origin, but is also manufactured on a small scale for use in perfumes and as a food flavouring. It has been used in combustion studies as a surrogate fuel for the larger fatty acid methyl esters found in biodiesel. However, studies have shown that, due to its short-chain length, methyl butanoate does not reproduce well the negative temperature coefficient behaviour and early CO2 formation characteristics of real biodiesel fuels. Therefore, methyl butanoate is not a suitable surrogate fuel for biodiesel combustion studies.

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Microcare® EHB

Microcare® EHB is used for the broad spectrum control of bacteria, moulds and yeasts in most types of cosmetic preparations.

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Microcare® MHB

Microcare® MHB is used for the broad spectrum control of bacteria, moulds and yeasts in most types of cosmetic preparations.

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Multitrope 1214

Multitrope 1214 is a biodegradable surfactant, based on the phosphate ester of a natural fatty acid. It is used in a wide variety of applications and provides excellent hydrotroping, particularly in bleach-containing formulations.

Multitrope 1620

Multitrope 1620 is a biodegradable alkyl polysaccharide surfactant, derived from sustainable resources. This versatile hydrotrope has excellent stability in highly alkaline solutions and is particularly effective in high electrolyte concentration formulations.

OptaSense RMA53

OptaSense RMA53 is a anionic rheology modifier with elegant sensory attributes characterised by long flow properties. Rheology most suited to hot mix and cold mix cream, sprayable emulsions, shave products, roll-ons, mascaras, liquid foundations, hair conditioners.

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