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2-Methoxyethanol, or methyl cellosolve, is an organic compound that is used mainly as a solvent.It is in a class of solvents known as glycol ethers which are notable for their ability to dissolve a variety of different types of chemical compounds and for their miscibility with water and other solvents. It can be formed by the nucleophilic attack of methanol on protonated oxirane followed by proton transfer.It is used as a solvent for many different purposes such as varnishes, dyes, and resins. It is also used as an additive in airplane deicing solutions.

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3-Hexenylacetate is used in food, flavors, cosmetics, confectionery, fragrance and perfume industries.

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4-Ethyl Guaiacol

4-Ethylguaiacol, abbreviated to 4-EG, is a phenolic compound with the molecular formula C9H12O2. It is produced along with 4-ethylphenol (4-EP) in wine and beer by the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces. When it is produced by the yeast to concentrations greater than the sensory threshold of >600 µg/L, it can contribute bacon, spice, clove, or smoky aromas to the wine. On their own these characters can be quite attractive in a wine, however as the compound usually occurs with 4-EP whose aromas can be more aggressing, the presence of the compound often signifies a wine fault. Interestingly the stoichiometric ratio in which 4-EP and 4-EG are present can greatly affected the organoleptic properties of the wine.

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5-Amino-o-cresol can be used as hair dye intermediate.It is also used as semi-permanent & permanent hair colors for cosmetics.

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Allyl Heptanoate

Allyl Heptanoate is a clear colorless liquid with fruity odour widely used as flavor and fragrance agents.It is mainly used in alcoholic beverages, Flavored drinks, and Soft Drinks.

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Allyl Propionate

Allyl propanoate is mainly used in perfumes and food additives because of its aroma. It serves mainly in flavouring and fragrance industry.

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Allyl Salicylate

Allyl salicylate is a clear colorless liquid . It is mainly used in fragrance agents, because of its fruity odor.It is most frequently used in cosmetics,body lotions and soaps.

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Tocopherols are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity. It is a series of organic compounds consisting of various methylated phenols.

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Aluminum Acetate

Aluminium acetates are the aluminium salts of acetic acid. In cosmetics and personal care products, Aluminum Acetate and Aluminum Acetate Solution are used in the formulation of skin care products. Aluminum Acetate induces a tightening or tingling sensation of the skin. It also draws together or constricts body tissues which are effective in stopping the flow of blood or other secretions.

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