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Caraway Oil, FCC

Caraway Oil, FCC is a cosmetic chemical.

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Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols and is classified as a fatty alcohol. It is used as an emulsion stabilizer, opacifying agent, and foam boosting surfactant, as well as an aqueous and nonaqueous viscosity-increasing agent. It imparts an emollient feel to the skin and can be used in water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions, and anhydrous formulations. It is commonly used in hair conditioners and other hair products.

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Chembetaine S-FA

Chembetaine S-FA surfactant is a low- free amine grade of Soyamidopropyl Betaine, an amphoteric surfactant with special conditioning, foaming and viscosity-building properties.

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Chitosan, Powder

Chitosan, Powder is a cosmetic chemical.

Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid, a member of a family of naturally occurring organic compounds. These are esters of polyphenolic caffeic acid and cyclitol (-)-quinic acid. It is an important biosynthetic intermediate. It also is one of the phenols found in coffee, bamboo Phyllostachys edulis, as well as many other plants. This compound, long known as an antioxidant, also slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal. Potential uses are suggested in pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, feed additives, and cosmetics.

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Cinnamyl Acetate

Cinnamyl Acetate is a cosmetic chemical.

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Cinnamyl Alcohol

Cinnamyl alcohol is an organic compound that is found in esterified form in storax, balsam Peru and cinnamon leaves. It can be produced by the hydrolysis of storax. It has the odor of hyacinth and is used in perfumery and as a deodorant. It should be avoided by people with perfume allergy.

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Cis-3-Hexen-1-ol is a colorless oily liquid with an intense grassy-green odor of freshly cut green grass and leaves. It is produced in small amounts by most plants and it acts as an attractant to many predatory insects. It is a very important aroma compound that is used in fruit and vegetable flavors and in perfumes. Cis-3-Hexen-1-Ols esters are also important flavor and fragrance raw materials.

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Comperlan® OD V

Comperlan® OD V is an oleamide DEA thickener for surfactant preparations.

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Copper Carbonate

Copper carbonate forming part of the verdigris patina that is found on weathered brass, bronze, and copper. It was formerly much used as a pigment, and is still in use for artist's colours. It has also been used in some types of make-up, like lipstick. It also has been used for many years as an effective algaecide in farm ponds and in aquaculture operations. Copper carbonate was the first compound to be broken down into several, separate elements. It was broken down in 1794 by the French chemist Joseph Louis Proust. It can be used to copper plate a metallic surface by adding sulfuric acid and heat it then passing a charge through it with the metal in the liquid.

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