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Ethyl Linolenate

Ethyl linolenate is a neutral, more lipophilic form of the free acid that can be used as an exogenous source of α-linolenic acid. This ethanol metabolite may contribute to ethanol-induced hepatic fibrogenesis through stimulation of intracellular signaling pathways in hepatic stellate cells (HSC). It increases cyclin E expression and CDK2 activity as well as increases ERK and JNK activity.

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Ethyl Propionate

Ethyl propionate is used in perfumery and fragrance. It is used to manufacture various propionates which used in the reduction of pharmaceuticals, anti-fungal agents, agrochemicals, plastics, plasticizers, rubber chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors and perfumery synthetics. It is used also as a solvent and in nickel-electroplating solutions.

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Ethyl Salicylate

Ethyl salicylate is the ester formed by the condensation of salicylic acid and ethanol. It has a pleasant odor resembling wintergreen and is used in perfumery and artificial flavors.

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GalSORB OMC (HP) is high purity UV-B absorber used in suncare preparations. It is highly compatible with cosmetic bases, additives and active ingredients.

Galaxy CAPB Plus

Galaxy CAPB Plus is used in shampoos, bubble bath, shower gels, liquid soaps, liquid detergents, and fire-fighting foams.

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Hexyl Salicylate

Hexyl Salicylate is a clear colourless liquid widely used in flavour and fragrance industry.

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Hydriosul AMG.30

Very gentle to skin, mildly degreasing surfactant that produces an especially fine, creamy foam. For “everyday”- shampoos and mild washing lotions.

Hydriosul LMM.60

Mild, liquid surfactant concentrate, PEG-free, with good emulsifying characteristics. Specially suited for natural cosmetic formulations.

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