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L(+)-Lactic Acid

L(+)-Lactic acid is a chemical compound that plays a role in various biochemical processes. It is commonly supplemented into foods and beverages where a tart flavour is desired, and is widely used as a non-volatile acidulant. In the chemical industry, L-lactic acid is a raw material in the production of compounds such as polylactides and biologically degradable polymers, and applications also exist for this acid in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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Lactobionic Acid

Lactobionic acid contains gluconic acid and galactose and can be formed by oxidation of lactose, a disaccharide. The carboxylate anion of lactobionic acid is known as lactobionate. As an acid, lactobionic acid can form salts with mineral cations such as calcium, potassium, sodium and zinc. Calcium lactobionate is a food additive used as a stabilizer. Potassium lactibionate is added to organ preservation solutions such as Viaspan to provide osmotic support and prevent cell swelling. Mineral salts of lactobionic acid are also used for mineral supplementation. Lactobionic acid is also used in the cosmetics industry as an antioxidant, and in the pharmaceutical industry as a salt form.

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Lauryl Glucoside

Lauryl glucoside is a surfactant used in cosmetics. It is a glycoside produced from glucose and lauryl alcohol.

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Methyl Cellulose

Methyl Cellulose is a methyl ester of cellulose. It is used as a thickener and emulsifier in various food and cosmetic products, in the manufacture of capsules in nutritional supplements, and also as a treatment of constipation, as a variable viscosity personal lubricant, as a performance additive in construction materials.It is also used as a bulk laxative and as a suspending agent for drugs and applied topically to the conjunctiva to protect and lubricate the cornea during certain ophthalmic procedures.

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Methyl Cinnamate

Methyl cinnamate is the methyl ester of cinnamic acid. It is found naturally in a variety of plants, including in fruits.It is used in the flavor and perfume industries,soaps, detergents,pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates.It is known to attract males of various orchid bees, such as Aglae caerulea.

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Methyl Vanillate

Methyl vanillate is used in flavorings, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and perfumes. It is also used by the food industry.

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OptaSense RMA-IS

OptaSense RMA-IS is a efficient rheology modifier. Thickens up to 80,000 cPs at 2%. Suitable for use in O/W creams and lotions via hot or cold processes, where formulations can be pumpable or sprayable.

OptaSense RMA100

OptaSense RMA100 is multifunctional anionic rheology modifier. Thickens up to 65,000 cPs at 2%, auto-emulsifies up to 30% oil or silicone and adds unbeatable smooth, silky and dry aesthetics to a formulation through the use of Crodamol STS emollient ester technology.

OptaSense RMA110

OptaSense RMA110 is a multifunctional anionic rheology modifier. Thickens up to 65,000 cPs at 2%, auto-emulsifies up to 20% oil or silicone and adds exceptionally light and dry aesthetics to a formulation through the use of Crodamol TN emollient ester technology.

Optasense RMA-52

Optasense RMA-52 is a anionic rheology modifier with elegant sensory attributes characterised by medium/short flow properties. Rheology most suited to cream products including, hot mix and cold mix cream, sprayable emulsions, shave products, roll-ons, mascaras, high pH system, hair conditioners.

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