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2-Benzoylpyridine is a cosmetic chemical.

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2-Butyl-1-octanol belongs to the family of Guerbet alcohols. As their both alkyl chains are linear, they features low viscosity, biodegradability, clarity and thermostability. They are raw materials in the industries of cosmetics, drug delivery, metal processing, fiber finish, thermostable and biodegradable lubricant and solvent as well as surfactant.

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2-Chloroacetamide is used as raw material for pesticide, cosmetics.It is also used for the synthesis of chloroacetonitrile.

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2-Methyl Pyrazine

2-Methyl Pyrazine is a cosmetic chemical.

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2-Methyl-2-butene is a hydrocarbon.It is a colorless volatile liquid.It is used for producing alcohols,ethers,isoprenes.

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3-Chloropropylene is used to prepare epichlorohydrin as well as glycidyl ether derivatives, which are used in epoxy resin production and its diluents. It is used in the preparation of other allyl compounds including allyl sulfonates and allyl amines for the target compound production such as ion exchange resins, thermosetting resins, eugenol and pharmaceuticals and insecticides. It is also used in the preparation of fragrance and flavor chemicals.


4-Hexylresorcinol is used as an anthelmintic and antiseptic agent for mouthwashes and skin wound cleansers and color retention agent in foods.

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5-Cholesten-3b-ol is an organic chemical substance classified as a waxy steroid of fat. It is an essential structural component of mammalian cell membranes and is required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity. In addition, 5-cholesten-3b-ol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and vitamin D. It is the principal sterol synthesized by animals, predominantly in the liver; however, small quantities can be synthesized in other eukaryotes such as plants and fungi. It is almost completely absent among prokaryotes, i.e. bacteria. Although cholesterol is important and necessary for the aforementioned biological processes, high levels of cholesterol in the blood have been linked to damage to arteries and cardiovascular disease.

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6 Methyl Coumarin

6 Methyl Coumarin is a cosmetic chemical.

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