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Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid with chemical formula HClO. It is an oxidizer, and being sodium salt or calcium salt it is used as a bleach, a deodorant, and a disinfectant. In organic synthesis, it converts alkenes to chlorohydrins. In water treatment, hypochlorous acid is the active sanitizer in hypochlorite-based products. In food service and water distribution, specialized equipment to generate weak solutions of hypochlorous acid from water and salt is sometimes used to generate adequate quantities of safe disinfectant to treat food preparation surfaces and water supplies. Norman Stein & Associate is the leading online supplier of Hypochlorous Acid, buy it at the best price.

Induquat ECR 35 L

Induquat ECR 35 L is an aqueous solution of Diallyldimethylammoniumchloride. It is used as cationic fixation additive for inkjet paper coatings, cationic antistatic agent and polymeric wetting agent for water-based lacquers, paper and film coatings.

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Induquat ECR 69 L

Induquat ECR 69 L is quaternary copolymer based on Aminomethacrylate. It is used as cationic antistatic agent and polymeric wetting agent for water-based lacquers, paper and film coatings.

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Isobornyl Acetate

Isobornyl Acetate is one of the most important chemicals used in the perfumery industry. It is used in toiletries and soaps as a flavoring agent and antiseptics. Isobornyl Acetate's one of the main applications is as an intermediate to produce camphor.

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Isopropyl Acetate

Isopropyl Acetate is a fast-evaporating solvent.It is the product of condensation of acetic acid and isopropanol.It has good solvency characteristics for resins, such as cellulosics, vinyl copolymers, polyesters, polystyrene, acrylics, kauri and manila gums, rosin, dammar.It is used as surfactant in cleaning fluids, coatings, coatings for automotive, coatings for plastic, nail care, printing inks, solvents for cosmetics and personal care, and Solvents for fragrances

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Miracare Plaisant

Miracare Plaisant is a sulfate-free, plant-based surfactant system for cleansing applications. A natural and mild performance concentrate, it is an ideal component in the creation of body washes, shampoos,facial cleansers and liquid soaps.

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Phenylacetic Acid

Phenylacetic Acid is an organic compound containing a phenyl functional group and a carboxylic acid functional group. It is used in some perfumes, possessing a honey-like odour in low concentrations, and is also used in penicillin G production. It is also employed to treat type II hyperammonemia to help reduce the amounts of ammonia in a patient's bloodstream.

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Pigment Yellow 42

Pigment yellow 42 is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for use in cosmetics and is used in some tattoo inks.

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Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine is a compound sometimes used in the treatment of fungal infections. It is the ethanolamine salt of the hydroxamic acid derivative piroctone. It is often used in anti-dandruff shampoo as a replacement for the commonly used compound zinc pyrithione.

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Polyquaternium-10 is the member of cationic copolymers used as ingredient for antistatic and film-forming properties primarily in hair-care products and in skin care products. These polymers are substantive to protein substrates and have water-binding property. They are used in hair care products for gloss, setting and antistat properties. They are added to skin care products to enhance a smooth and non-oily feel.

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