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Solvent Yellow 16

With a bright greenish yellow appearance, our Solvent Yellow 16 is suitable for application in various industries. We are one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Solvent Yellow 16 in Maharashtra, India. Our company makes it at our advanced plant with reliable chemical agitators. We are offering Solvent Yellow 16 in customized packaging.

Solvent violet 13

Solvent Violet 13 is used to dye hydrocarbon products like solvents and petrol, thermoplastics, synthetic resins, eg. polystyrenes, and synthetic fiber. It is also used in smoke, cosmetics, eg. in hair and skin care products. In pyrotechnics, it is used in some violet colored smokecompositions.

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UTMF Ceramide III

UTMF Ceramide III is based on the technique of self assembled mono-multilayers of polymers (organo-silicons) at sub-micrometric scale that bond active ingredients.It reinforces the natural lipidic barrier in dried and aged skin, improves hydration in the long run because it avoids hydration loses, protects hair against external influences (UV rays, comb, mechanical properties) and repairs and protects damaged hair.UMTF Ceramide III consist of a nonpolar group (long chain of sphingoid base) and a polar amino group. Its amphiphilic structure allows the formation of bilayers.

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Xiameter Mem-1784

Xiameter Mem-1784 is 50 percent anionic emulsion of high molecular weight OH functional polydimethylsiloxane for use in shower gels and hair care applications.

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(-)-Bornyl Acetate

(-)-Bornyl Acetate is a cosmetic chemical

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(-)-Carvyl Acetate

(-)-Carvyl Acetate is used as flavur and fragrance agent in cosmetic products.

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1,2-Hexadecanediol is a reducing agent, used to prepare silver nanocrystals from a dichlorobenzene solution containing oleyl amine as a surfactant.


1-Amino-2-propanol is a secondary amino alcohol. It is prepared by the addition of aqueous ammonia to propylene oxide.It is an intermediate in the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs and is the very basic building block of the opioid, methadone.

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2,2'-Thiodiethanol is a viscous, clear to pale-yellow liquid used as a solvent.It is a precursor for sulfur-containing blister agents.

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2,5-Diaminotoluene is an organic compound. It is commonly used in hair coloring. It is also known to be used in the production of dyes for textiles, furs, leathers, biological stains and indicators, wood stains, and pigments.

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