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BRIGHTLINE is a silicate free concentrated liquid caustic/chlorine detergent sanitiser used for a wide range of soils and scales in the food, drink and dairy industry.

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Dezoline-F is a disinfection agent for use in cattle-breeding, poultry and animal husbandary establishments that contains 7.5% glutaraldehyde, 7.5% formaldehyde and 5% benzalkonium chloride as active ingredients. The features are it kills the uncapsulated new castle disease virus in 15 minutes, it kills infectious bursal disease virus antifungal hence useful in control of aspergillosis in chicks, it remove all the fixtures in the shed and further it clean the shed thoroughly.

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Piccantase is a range of lipases which is derived from both animal and fermentation, used for unique taste development in white cheese like feta or hard cheese like parmesan.

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Circodine P

Circodine P is an alkaline chlorine powder used as milking plant detergent. The features are it is suitable for hot and cold washing, it is suitable for use in hard and soft water areas, it has low foaming formulation and further it is ideal for once a day milking systems.

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DAWN LIQUID is a low foaming acid dairy detergent formulated for use in third line or recirculated systems. It contains a unique blend of liquid acids and low foaming wetting agents to assist with cleaning and suspension of soils. The features are it has excellent penetration action to prevent re deposition occurring and further it acts as inbuilt sanitiser. It can be used each morning after milking.

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Del-Flow IP

Del-Flow IP is a non-foaming chlorinated detergent for effective 2 in 1 cleaning and sanitising of pipelines and dairy equipment. It is provided with added water softeners for use with hard water.

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Dezsaniphor contains alkyl aryl polyoxyethylene iodine complex which provides 1.6% iodine. It is an excellent, prompt and effective microbiocide with a broad range of action on almost all pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses and protozoan cysts. It is used in poultry and dairy Industries, sericulture & food processing plants etc.

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FLO-LINE 17 combines very high detergency with good lubrication. Due to its ability to disperse milk fat deposits, coupled with its excellent lubrication characteristics, FLO-LINE 17 has for many years been particularly favoured by the dairy industry. Where dirty slats are a problem, FLO-LINE 17 is particularly recommended.

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Maxiren FPC

Maxiren FPC is a superior milk coagulant, which is a fermentation-derived product made using a selected strain of the dairy yeast kluyveromyces lactis. It provides maximum milk clotting activity. Strong curd formulation allows earlier cutting, when used in amounts equal to calf rennet. It is pure chymosin identical to the chymosin enzyme present in calf rennet and has proven extremely cost-effective.

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Maxiren XDS

Maxiren XDS is latest innovation in cheese coagulants; offering extended textural shelf life in cheese while maintaining lower proteolysis. Especially suited for mozzarella, cheddar and string cheese this coagulant, gives cheese producers more efficiency and flexibility in the production processes and means they are no longer up against the clock at every stage. As the texture of the cheese is retained, shredding, dicing and slicing can take place effortlessly and efficiently at any point in the shelf life.

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