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PAPERAUX K-8260 is used for high grade paper coatings printing & writing paper.

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PAPERAUX K-8270 is applied for eco friendly & Biodegradable for high end applications. It is defoamer for printing pr reprocesses no areation. blisters & foams.

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PAPERAUX K-8284 used for higher premium quality pulp, paper preparations, coatings compound, sizing. PAPERAUX K-8284 is applied for safe, non toxic and biodegradable for high end applications.

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ABSTRACT DEFOAMER breaks existing foam. ABSTRACT DEFOAMER is added to the solution prior to foaming symptoms occurring.

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JBT Bandefoam 819

JBT Bandefoam 819 is a defoamer and deaerator particularly for the production of tissue paper.

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JBT Banclefoam 450

JBT Banclefoam 450 is a defoamer and deaerator for paper and board production.

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Abstract Non Toxic Defoamer

Abstract Non Toxic Defoamer shows fine diffusivity, powerful defoaming ability and effectively eliminate and hinder and formation of small bubbles in the pulp, avoid paper defect resulted from the small foams, improve drain ability of the pulp and the retention of the filler and good compatibility with end chemicals.


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