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VERDET-MDF is suitable defoamer for paper machine. It can be used to control surface foaming as well as the troublesome problem of entrained air in the stock. VERDET-MDF can control foam in stock preparation, in the paper machine system etc. VERDET-MDF gives more cost effective foam control in paper machine system. It can reduce polymer usage, increase production by allowing greater machine speeds, and reduce steam consumption in the dryers.

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VERDET-PDF can easily diluted in cold or hot water. VERDET- PDF is to used after making emulsion of 3-4% concentration.VERDET-PDF is suitable defoamer for pulp and paper mills which can be used at various stage of pulp and paper making operations. VERDET-PDF can be used for alkaline pulp washing & screening. VERDET-PDF is also useful at the ET (Effluent treatment) plant.

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VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for chemical pulp production. It contains ingredients which normally do not contribute to resinous deposits in pulp mill washing operations. VERDET-SDF is an effective defoamer for alkaline pulp washing and screening & bleaching process.

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