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Tenside HC

Tenside HC is a highly effective degreasing agent for hides and sinks containing heavy amounts of natural fat.

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Tenside K-ECO

Tenside K-ECO s a particular formulation of fatty alcohols ethoxylated with excellent soaking in a broad range of raw material. It is ideal in soaking operation of fatty leathers, being like solvent but with a better biodegradable characteristic.

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VICALAN NT 953 is a degreasing, wetting, penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing agent used in leather industries.

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Vendigris EWP

Vendigris EWP is high performance and eco-friendly degreasing, soaking, liming and deliming agent. It is very effective degreasing agent for all types of leathers and fur skins. It is universal in its application as it can be used in all stages of leather and fur processing.

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Vendigris WP

Vendigris WP is an efficient degreasing agent and it removes patches in back bone dyeing of suedes and disperses chrome efficiently. It is based on anionic polyglycol ether blends containing special solvent.

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Zeopalin ASI

Zeopalin ASI is an excellent dispersion of fats and fatliquors, avoids dye patch due to fat.

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Zeopalin GLX

Zeopalin GLX is an economical degreasing agent cum dispersing.

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Zeopalin XLI

Zeopalin XLI is a strong degreasing agent.

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