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SCINVOWET DGC is concentrated, highly efficient, versatile, wetting, degreasing and emulsifying agent. It is stable at neutral salts, acids, alkalis, and mineral tanning agents. It accelerates soaking, produces even pelts and helps in emulsifying and distributing natural fats at all the stages in leather processing. It can be used in soaking, liming, deliming, degreasing, pickling and rewetting operation. It influences in dispersing chrome soaps, helps in reducing free fatty acids and can be used to degrease wet blue to achieve level dying.

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Vendigris EWP

Vendigris EWP is high performance and eco-friendly degreasing, soaking, liming and deliming agent. It is very effective degreasing agent for all types of leathers and fur skins. It is universal in its application as it can be used in all stages of leather and fur processing.

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TRIDEGREASER T is a low foaming degreasing and dispersing agent specifically designed for water proof leathers. It is a fast and efficient wetting and rewetting agent at low or high temperatures. It is stable to relatively strong solutions of acetic and formic acids and has a good stability to alkalinity. It has excellent stability to heat and will not lose it’s properties at high temperature. It is not stable to chromium salts.

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VICALAN NT 953 is a degreasing, wetting, penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing agent used in leather industries.

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Savolix WBI Paste

Savolix WBI Paste is an effective degreasing agent for hides and skins and can be used on pelts, EI tanned and wet blue stages.

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Savopan DTC Liquid

Savopan DTC Liquid is a highly efficient detergent and wetting agent for use in soaking, bating and wetting back properties. It has a powerful dispersing effect on scud and on natural fats. It speeds up the soaking process and produces an appreciable increase in the cleanness of the skins.

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Savoclean MW Liquid

Savoclean MW Liquid is a versatile cleaning and emulsifying agent with high stability to electrolytes.

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Sodium Oxalate FOOD GRADE > 99.5 %

Sampan Enterprises is one of the few manufacturers and suppliers of Pure Grade / LR Grade Sodium Oxalate in India. Sodium Oxalate is widely used in the manufacture of electroplating chemicals, metal finishing industry and fireworks industry.

Ammonium Sulphate Industrial Grade 21%min.

PRODUCT NAME: Ammonium Sulphate
SYNONYMS: Diammonium sulfate; Sulfuric acid, diammonium salt.
PROPERTIES: Ammonium Sulphate is a kind of common chemical, light yellow to colorless or white crystals,soluble in water easy,  but, it is difficult to dissolve in Alcohol.
CAS NO.: 7783-20-2
EINECS NO.: 231-984-1
H.S.CODE: 31022100

Nitrogen Content (as dry):                 21% min.                          >21.3%                           GB535-1995
Moisture (H2O):                                 1% max.                          <0.2%                              GB535-1995
H2SO4:                                              0.2% max.                       <0.03%                             GB535-1995

GB535-1995: Refers to China National Standard(recommendation) GB535-1995 ammonium sulphate

PACKAGING: In 50kg net per plastic woven bag with inner liner

HANDLING & STORAGE: Handling: Use with adequate ventilation. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Do not ingest or inhale.Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.

USES/APPLICATIONS: Manufacture of ammonia alum, in the manufacture of hydrogen sulfide to free it from nitrogen oxides, analytical uses, freezing mixtures, flameproofing fabrics and paper, manufacture viscose silk, tanning, galvanizing iron, in fractionation of proteins,  ore floatation, etc.,


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