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Pionera F-250

Pionera F-250 is used as flotation depressant with selectivity for Pyrite.

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Triethylene Tetramine

Triethylenetetramine is an organic compound. It is used as a crosslinker in epoxy curing, lubrication-oil additives, marine protective coatings, polyamide resins. It can also be used as a depressant for pyrrhotite and arsenides in copper and nickel mineral flotation.

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UNIMAX SD200 is an iron sulphide (pyrite, pyrrhotite, marcasite) depressant used in the flotation separation of base metal sulphides. Also used as an alternative partial cyanide replacement to depress iron and zinc sulphides in Pb / Zn flotation.

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UNIMAX SD300 is a specialty depressant for pyrite gangue, sphalerite and pyrrhotite in lead and copper flotation systems.

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