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SCALT-1422 is a liquid offline de-scaling for removal of organic deposits and carbonate scales from boilers, cooling tower, heat exchanges etc. It is a scale removing compound wetting agent and corrosion inhibitor.

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AQUAZEEL-DS is a descaling chemical agent for boilers.

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Cleanex-108 is a multi purpose Hi-Cleaning dispersing agent. It is suitable for the cleaning of mud , sugar pans, rubbers, and other scaling surfaces.It is used as industrial cleaner and dispersant designed for use in closed loop hot and chilled water systems for the removal of mud, solids, silt, and oxides.

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Scalego-303 is a concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in boiler water systems,and eliminates the hazards associated with acid cleaning. It also saves downtime and labour.

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VANCHEM RSH is a concentrated hydrochloric acid based solvent designed for rapid removal of scales caused by water hardness or phosphate precipitates. It contains an effective inhibitor that provides maximum protection against acid attack on mild steel, stainless steel or brass components of the washer.It also contains solvents and wetting agents to remove co-precipitated oils or greases.

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Aquablend-DS is designed to remove the scaling& corrosion products from boiler& cooling water circuits , heat changers etc. It is a liquid formulation to remove hardness & low concentrated silica scales that can be removed offline by circulating its dilute solution of the chemical. It is a balance formulation of Hydrochloric Acid, Dispersant Wetting Agents & Corrosion Inhibitor.

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CHEMCURE DSOL is an acid based product in the form of solution that decomposes existing hard scale from the boiling system in a single shot treatment.It prevents corrosion and pitting on the boiling system from acid attack through metal passivation.It is composed of neutralizers and reactivity booster which help maintain the reactivity more efficiently along with the protection from corrosion and pitting.

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CHEMCURE DSC helps remove scale deposits from boiler/cooling tower,piping system,power plants,equipments.It contains suitable blend of powerful descaling agents and specially designed corrosion inhibitors.

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COROBIT-1001 is widely used as an inhibitor for acid descaling of boilers and heat exchangers to suppress attack on metals. It is an efficient corrosion inhibitor for acid pickling bath.

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SCALECLEAN-A is a liquid preparation with Acid base, designed to dissolve industrial deposits without affecting metals.It is supplied in fully inhibited and concentrated form and is to be diluted with water for use.It is specially developed for removal of soft scale.

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