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SPANCLEAN DS is a proprietary descaling agent that is used to remove all types of water scales and oxide deposits from the surfaces of heat transfer equipment.It is a blend of an Inorganic Acid, a Corrosion Inhibitor and a Wetting agent.SPANCLEAN DS has been found to be most effective in dissolving various types of water scales like acmite and analcite that are predominantly agglomerates of Ca and Mg. It has also been found to be particularly effective in dissolving iron oxide scales like hematite.It can be safely used on Carbon Steels, Copper, Admiralty Brass and Cu- Ni alloys.

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Aquatreat CDR

Aquatreat CDR a mild acid descaling formulation suitable for use in domestic central heating systems.

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Hydrochem 201

Hydrochem 201 is an inhibited inorganic acid based descaling chemical for boiler, heat exchanger and cooling tower pipe lines.

Hydrochem 202

Hydrochem 202 is an excellent inhibited solid descaling agent for boilers, heat exchangers and industrial cooling water system.

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Hydrochem 203

Hydrochem 203 is an inhibited descaling chemical ideally suitable for air conditioners and air-conditioning pipe line systems.

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Hydrochem 204

Hydrochem 204 is an alkaline descalant used for removal of siliceous deposits from boiler and heat exchanger pipe lines.

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MAHACHEM DS O4 compounds are used to remove the scales in the water treatment tanks and vessels.

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MAHACHEM DSO7 products are colourless in nature, which are used as the scale remover in water treatment plants.

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Maxaclean-348 is a liquid degreasing and detergent, soluble in water, incorporating a blend of with suitable contents.It removes greasy and oil bound deposits from all surfaces from condensers, oil coolers, engine and compressor water jackets, air coolers, engine parts lubricating the oil systems.

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PHE Descalant

PHE Descalant is cleaning agent designed for removal of scale,magnetite,algae,lime,rust and other deposits in water side of the plate heat exchanger.It has an inbuilt corrosion inhibitor for providing corrosion protection to the metal during the descaling operation.It is also used as wetting agent for quick removal of scale deposits with deep penetration method.It contains defoaming agents to suppress the foam that is generated during the descaling process.

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