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SPANCLEAN DS is a proprietary descaling agent that is used to remove all types of water scales and oxide deposits from the surfaces of heat transfer equipment.It is a blend of an Inorganic Acid, a Corrosion Inhibitor and a Wetting agent.SPANCLEAN DS has been found to be most effective in dissolving various types of water scales like acmite and analcite that are predominantly agglomerates of Ca and Mg. It has also been found to be particularly effective in dissolving iron oxide scales like hematite.It can be safely used on Carbon Steels, Copper, Admiralty Brass and Cu- Ni alloys.

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Scalego-303 is a concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in boiler water systems,and eliminates the hazards associated with acid cleaning. It also saves downtime and labour.

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Spantreat B2001

Spantreat B2001 is a synthetic polymer for conditioning the sludge generated in boilers. It helps to keep precipitated salts in suspension and prevents deposition and sludge formation, and prevents scale formation.It contains a powerful polymeric dispersant which prevents scale formation. It keeps mobile the scale forming material and reduces accumulation on internal surfaces.Spantreat B2001 makes the sludge non-adherent and fluid.It keeps all heat exchange surfaces clean, improving heat transfer efficiency.

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Sujal-Ci prevents corrosion during acid cleaning of the metal and protection of the surface for certain period where corrosion is likely to be occur.It contains special organic compounds with suitable polymers in it, which creates layer (film) on the surface protecting it from corrosion.It be used on brass alloy, nickel, copper, SS, MS steel.It ncreases metal life thereby increase profitability of the company,prevent accidental collapse of the plant and machinery,decreases frequent shutdowns, periodical cleaning of the surface.

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Sujal-Ds removes scale deposits from boiler/cooling tower, piping system, power plants, equipments.It contains suitable blend of powerful de-scaling agents and specially designed corrosion inhibitors.It increases boiler/pipes capacity to its extreme level in terms of heat transfer and water circulation by removing narrowing/chalking of pipes,prevents breakages, leakages of the pipes and thereby prevents accident hazard,prevents nonscheduled and unwanted shutdown of your plant and so impro­ves profitability.

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T-2 is a specially formulated on that basis which do not require acid inhibitors and neutralization. Its designed to remove scale from those hard to get tubes in boilers, steam lines, condenser tubes, recirculating systems such as hot water systems and Chillers, cooling towers, vessels and pipe lines.It is used as industrial descalant used to descale steel and copper. It is used for hard water lime scale (calcium carbonate) removal.

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VANCHEM RSH is a concentrated hydrochloric acid based solvent designed for rapid removal of scales caused by water hardness or phosphate precipitates. It contains an effective inhibitor that provides maximum protection against acid attack on mild steel, stainless steel or brass components of the washer.It also contains solvents and wetting agents to remove co-precipitated oils or greases.

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ferric chloride hexahydrate HPA 40

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trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate Technical 97

Properties: This product is colorless or white crystal. It is soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents; weathering in dry air, losing twelve crystalline hydrates (Na3PO4) at 100 degrees.

Usage: As a water softener in the metallurgical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electromechanical industry, boiler tube cleaning agents and detergents, metal anti rust agent.

Packing: 25kg or 50kg plastic woven bag lined with polyethylene liner or the packing made accordingly.

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