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Direct Red 16

Direct Red 16 is metal free deep reddish blue for beater dyeing as well as other paper applications.

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Direct Turquoise Blue

Direct Turquoise Blue is precisely formulated under the strict guidance of our adroit professionals, Direct Turquoise Blue is used in different textile industries for coloring purposes. It is engrossed with incomparable characteristics that make it resistant to different solvents and accurate chemical composition. Direct Turquoise Blue is used for leather, paper, cotton, silk, viscose.

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Direct Violet MB

Direct Violet MB is described as an anionic component that needs support of electrolyte for exhaustion. Due to its unparalleled nature, this available range is used for dyeing of protein and cellulosic fiber that shows initial fastness properties.Basically, the process of dyeing gets completed with aqueous dye bath that comprises of different electrolytes like sodium chloride or sodium sulfate. The available range is tested on numerous quality parameters to maintain quality of the dye.

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Direct Yellow 5GLL

Direct Yellow 5GLL is deemed as an ionic in nature, Direct Yellow 5GLL is used for dyeing various materials like linen, cotton, jute, silk or other materials. Without any support, this dye easily gets adhered to fabric molecule without any support from chemicals. The dyeing process involves is generally achieved in neutral or slightly alkaline dye bath near boiling point temperature. Moreover, this dye is used in aqueous liquid dye comprising of sodium sulfate or sodium chloride.Direct Yellow 5GLL is used for paper,leather, cotton, silk, wool, nylon.

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Jarocol NHEAP

Jarocol NHEAP is a dark, red brown powder composed of 4[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-3-nitrophenol. The Jarocol Direct Dyes are suitable for semi-permanent formulations; this makes them ideal for use by consumers who are not ready to commit to a permanent colour. These hair dyes are typically materials of low molecular weight, which are small enough to infuse into the hair shaft. Subsequent shampooing of the hair after application causes the hair to swell, opening the cuticle and allowing the colour to escape. Colour results therefore typically last 6-8 washes.

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Jaune W 1122

Jaune W 1122 is a non oxidizing colouring agent for semi permanent hair dyeing. Jaune W 1122 appears as an orange powder. Jaune W 1122 product is suggested for use in gel, cream, shampoo and mousse applications.

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Red Direct Dyes

Red Direct Dyes are belonging to the group of non metalized Azo structures/ disazo/ polyazo types, these Red Direct Dyes are described as anionic in nature that require support of electrolyte for exhaustion. These dyes are used in aqueous dye bath comprising of different electrolyte including sodium sulfate or sodium chloride. Suitable kind of treatment is done for improving bleeding characteristics, thus improvising the wet fastness.

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Rouge W 3123

Rouge W 3123 product is suggested for use in gel, cream, shampoo and mousse applications. Rouge W 3123 is an oxidizing colouring agent for semi permanent hair dyeing. It appears as a green brown powder.

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Violet Direct Dyes

Violet Direct Dyes are known to show perfect solubility in different solvent and hence, is used for dyeing several clothes, fabric, paper and leather. The functioning of these dyes is supported by different electrolytes for exhaustion. Therefore, these are ideal for dyeing protein and cellulosic fibers by involving alkaline conditions for the dyeing process. These are engrossed with fastness property that is meant for improving post conducting after treatment procedures.

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