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QC BLACK 18/20

QC BLACK 18/20 is a general purpose heavy duty disinfectant for the routine disinfection of a variety of applications including Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic and Public Institutions. Ideally suited for use where the degree of contamination and organic loading is likely to be high.

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VIROXIDE SUPER is a powerful peroxygen based disinfectant used for the prevention of food contamination by spoilage organisms. A single stage application provides highest level of disinfection, removal of stains from surfaces (ceramics, plastics, etc) and descaling of hard-water films & deposits.

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VIRUKILL 260 is a powerful, broad spectrum phenolic disinfectant for agricultural use. The features are it offers unsurpassed broad protection from infectious livestock diseases, offers protection from coccidia & rickettsiae, it is ideal for all areas with high level microbial and organic contamination.

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