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Polyhexamethylene Biguanide

Polyhexamethylene biguanide is a polymer.It is a commonly used antiseptic. It is used in a variety of products including wound care dressings, medical/dental utensil and trays,farm equipment, animal drinking water, and hard surfaces for food handling institutions and hospitals,and to deodorize vacuums and lens cleaning solutions, perioperative cleansing products, and swimming pool cleaners.It is also used in antimicrobial hand washes and rubs and air filter treatments as an alternative to ozone,an active ingredient for recreational water treatment, as a chlorine-free polymeric sanitizer, which is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms.

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Povidone Iodide

Povidone Iodide is a stable chemical complex of polyvinylpyrrolidone and elemental iodine.It is used for the prevention and treatment of skin infections, and the treatment of wounds,in pleurodesis.It is prescribed as a topical microbicide for disinfection of wounds, as a preoperative surgical scrub, for vaginal infections, and for antiseptic treatment of burns.

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Proflavine is an acriflavine derivative, a disinfectant bacteriostatic against many gram-positive bacteria. It has been used in the form of the dihydrochloride and hemisulfate salts as a topical antiseptic, and was formerly used as a urinary antiseptic.Proflavine acts by interchelating DNA (intercalation), thereby disrupting DNA synthesis and leading to high levels of mutation in the copied DNA strands,there by it prevents bacterial reproduction.

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QuatVet is quaternary Ammonium based disinfectant and used for disinfection of poultry and livestock farms, particularly effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and enveloped viruses.

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Tetrabromoethane is a halogenated hydrocarbon.It has an unusually high density for an organic compound.It is a liquid at room temperature, and is used to separate mineral ores from its supporting rock by means of preferential flotation.It is used as catalyst accelerators for the PTA production, used for making quartermary ammonium salt compounds and buming rate accelerators in the organic synthesis industry.It is also used as disinfectors and medicinal inter-media in the pharmaceutical industry,fire extinguishing agents in the fire fighting industry.

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