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Texdye LFN

Texdye LFN is a low foam dispersing / levelling agent for use primarily in dying nylon with anionic dyestuffs, but is also suitable for dyeing wool / nylon blends. It functions as a levelling agent both by temporarily blocking the dye sites and by forming a complex with the anionic dyestuff which reduces the rate of uptake of dye by the fibre, thus resulting in consistent level dyeing.

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Texdye NWL

Texdye NWL is a universally applicable dispersing and levelling agent for all types of dyes on wool and nylon.

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Texdye PDLF New

Texdye PDLF New is a low foam dyeing assistant for polyester, polyester / cellulosic blends and nylon, for use in jet, beam, package dyeing machines and yarn / piece goods machines.It provides good dye dispersion as well as lubricity for prevention of crease marks and fabric damage. Texdye PDLF New is eminently suitable for rapid dyeing systems showing a synchronising effect on trichromatic combinations which do not show similar exhaustion characteristics.

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Texdye PDW

Texdye PDW is a multifunctional auxiliary for the dyeing of 100% polyester, polyester blends, wool, polyamide, acetate and acrylic. It is stable in acidic, alkaline and high electrolyte conditions which make it particularly suitable for the single bath dyeing of polyester / cellulose blends.

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Texdye RDF

Texdye RDF is an highly cost effective formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyed cellulosic fabrics. It improves wet fastness properties whilst having negligible effect on light fastness. It can also be used to improve fastness on direct dyed shades.

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Texdye SPD New

Texdye SPD New is a high purity acid donor which is used mainly for assisting the dyeing of polyamides and also is suitable for wool. It is an organic acid ester which slowly releases hydrogen ions causing the pH of the dyebath to drop with the increase in temperature.

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beta naphthol

Manufacturer of beta naphthol: CAS No. 135-19-3 Other Names B-NAPHTHOL MF C10H3O EINECS No. 205-182-7 Place of Origin Hebei, China (Mainland) Type Dyestuff Intermediates Purity 99.1% Brand Name Baoxiang grand Application intermediate for dyestuffs&pigments tobais acid, J acid and azo dyes.. Appearance Gray and white flake,dark yellow while storing colour Gray and white flake gray and white flake Capacity: 20000mt/y Application: intermediate for dyestuffs & pigments Tobais acid, J acid azo dyes, used as antiseptic and antioxidant Packing: 17mt/fcl, 25kg/bag net weight, inner PE outer PP

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