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Minerprint Finish S liq

Minerprint Finish S liq is a additive for improving the softness and fastness of prints & paste runnability.

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Printofix Fixer CCP liq

Printofix Fixer CCP liq is used for economical finishing of interlining fabrics to impart a permanent handle, enhances wet rub and scrub fastness.

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Printofix Binder CET liq

Printofix Binder CET liq is suitable for printing with pigment emulsions on all types of cellulosics and their blends with polyester.

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Printofix Binder ITL liq

Printofix Binder ITL liq is a eco friendly binder for aqueous printing.It is suitable for high rub fastness with softness.

Printofix Binder KHS liq

Printofix Binder KHS liq is a Cost effective binder for khadi printing with high fastness properties.

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Printofix Binder SLN liq

Printofix Binder SLN liq is an self cross-linking styrene/acrylate based copolymer dispersion.It is resistance to mechanical stress and chemicals.

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Printofix Binder STB liq

Printofix Binder STB liq is a self thickening binder for khadi printing.

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Printofix Binder 2000 liq

Printofix Binder 2000 liq is an acrylate based binder for pigment printing.

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Printofix Binder FKLN liq

Printofix Binder FKLN liq is a acrylic based binder, doesnot allow any migration of pigment during the drying operation.

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Printofix Binder TCLR liq

Printofix Binder TCLR liq is a economic binder with high fastness properties.

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