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Printofix Lacquer M.IN pa

Printofix Lacquer M.IN pac is a lacquer paste with high elasticity with a high resist power.

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Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate

Nickel sulfate hexahydrate is the hexahydrate of nickel sulfate. It is used in nickel plating, as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles, as a blackening agent for zinc and brass, and in the manufacture of organic nickel salts.

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Printofix Binder 1912 PLUS

Printofix Binder 1912 PLUS is an eco friendly binder for aqueous printing.

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Printofix Softener H-P liq

Printofix Softener H-P liq is a synthetic thickener for printing.

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Printofix Binder 77N.IN liq

Printofix Binder 77N.IN liq is an acrylate based binder for pigment printing.

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Printofix Binder N 8010 liq

Printofix Binder N 8010 liq is an acrylic co-polymer based binder with ver good re-emulsification behavior.

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Printofix Gold Binder GLN liq

Printofix Gold Binder GLN liq is specially developed for printing gold and silver prints, imparts very soft handle, in addition to high fastness properties.

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Minerprint White Elastil FG pa

Minerprint White Elastil FG pa is a paste for printing on dark grounds.

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Sodium Alginate Textile Grade

Textile Grade Sodium Alginate:

Usage: dye printing paste, textile printing thickener, textile chemical, textile auxiliaries.

Application: ractive dye printing, textile printing, textile dyes printing.

Advantage: The sodium alginate products has great fluidity before print paste, without screen stuck , 

and the color yield and sharpness also great. It is widely used in Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Synthetic Fabrics dyeing and printing.

Hot sales Sodium alginate items:

2%,600/800CPS; 2%,1000/1200/2500CPS;Pure sodium alginate

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Printofix Fixing Agent WB.FR liq

Printofix Fixing Agent WB.FR liq is cost effective binder for gold and silver printing.

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