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Printofix Binder TCLR liq

Printofix Binder TCLR liq is a economic binder with high fastness properties.

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Printofix Fixer CCP liq

Printofix Fixer CCP liq is used for economical finishing of interlining fabrics to impart a permanent handle, enhances wet rub and scrub fastness.

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Printofix Fixer LF liq

Printofix Fixer LF liq is a low formaldehyde fixing agent in pigment printing, ideally suitable for printing & finishing of textiles for exports. Printofix Fixing Agent CCL liq : Used for economical finishing of interlining fabrics to impart a permanent handle, enhances wet rub and scrub fastness.

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Printofix Fixing Agent WB.FR liq

Printofix Fixing Agent WB.FR liq is cost effective binder for gold and silver printing.

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Printofix Gold Binder GLN liq

Printofix Gold Binder GLN liq is specially developed for printing gold and silver prints, imparts very soft handle, in addition to high fastness properties.

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Printofix Lacquer M.IN pa

Printofix Lacquer M.IN pac is a lacquer paste with high elasticity with a high resist power.

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Printofix Softener H-P liq

Printofix Softener H-P liq is a synthetic thickener for printing.

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Sequel-40 is an efficient dispersing ( protective colloid) and chelating agent for all stages in dyeing of textile made form cellulosies and blends. It exhibits excellent dispersing effect on Raw Cotton impurities (Waxes & Pentinates) and on the precipitates caused due to hard water. It also has moderate chelating effect on metal ions. Consequently Sequel-40 eliminates the adverse effect of Calcium and Mg++ions on the solubility of anionic dyes & their affinity to cellulosics. The advantages are it improves brightness and clarity of shades, it improves level dyeing performance of reactive dyes, it improves reproducibility of shades, it prevent shade changes caused by trace amount of heavy metal irons and further it prevent precipitation of dye stuffs.

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Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate is white or yellowish powder, almost tasteless and odorless. It is a highly polymerized compound with high viscosity, also a kind of typical hydrophilic colloid.

The Chemical compound Sodium Alginate is the Sodium Salt of Alginic Acid. Its empirical chemical formula is NaC6H7O6. Its form as a gum, when extracted from the cell wall of brown algae, is used by the foods industry to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier.

Sodium Alginate is a good chelator for pulling radioactive toxins such as iodine -131 and strontium-90 from the body which have taken the place of their non-radioactive counterparts.

It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and textile industry for its stability, thickening and emulsibility, hydratability and gel properties. It is also used in indigestion tablets and the preparation of dental impressions. Sodium alginate has no discernible flavor. Another major use of Sodium Alginate is reactive dye printing, where it is used in the Textile Industry. Sodium Alginate is also used in immobilizing enzymes by inclusion.

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Sodium Alginate Textile Grade

Textile Grade Sodium Alginate:

Usage: dye printing paste, textile printing thickener, textile chemical, textile auxiliaries.

Application: ractive dye printing, textile printing, textile dyes printing.

Advantage: The sodium alginate products has great fluidity before print paste, without screen stuck , 

and the color yield and sharpness also great. It is widely used in Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Synthetic Fabrics dyeing and printing.

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