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Acid Black 194

Acid Black 194 can be used for wool, polyamide, Silk and wool blended fabric dyeing, direct printing in wool, Silk fabric fiber.

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Acid Black 210

Acid black 210 is used in leather and textile such as silk,nylon and fabric.

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Luganil Brown NT

Luganil Brown NT is a yellowish, dark brown iron-complex dye. It is especially recommended for all types of shoe upper, upholstery leather and garment leather.

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Lurazol Black MRN

Lurazol Black MRN is a slightly reddish black, metal-free dye. It is especially recommended for finished shoe uppers, nubuck and suede and for finished upholstery and garment leather. It is suitable as shading and dulling component.

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Purelet yellow GY

Purelet yellow GY is a leather dye which has brilliant greenish yellow, anionic, homogenous, free from banned chemicals, having high colour strength, gives level dyeing, possess good dyeing properties, excellent shade build up.

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nigrosine (acid black 2) Technical 100

Powder and Crystal form(according to customer requirment)
Used in :- Leather Industries
Plywood industreis as marking
Zinc minning & Floating process
Jute Industries etc...


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