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ANTI-OXIDANTs are used in the automatic flow soldering machine as it reduce dross formation.

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FLUX REMOVER is used to remove flux after soldering. It does not contain CFC.

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Methylsilane is used in the epitaxial CVD of Si-Ge-C films and as a precursor to the epitaxial growth of SiGeC alloy layers via rapid thermal CVD.

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Polyfluorenes are a class of polymeric materials. They are of interest because similar to other conjugated polymers, they are currently being investigated for use in light-emitting diodes, field-effect transistors, and plastic solar cells. They are not a naturally occurring material, but are designed and synthesized for their applications. Modern chemistry has enabled adaptable synthesis and control over polyfluorenes that has facilitated use in many organic electronic applications.


1-Hexanethiol is used in co-crystals development used in the field of nonlinear optics to generate new coherent wavelengths.

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Bondline 2258

Bondline 2258 is an electrically and thermally conductive semiconductor grade adhesive. This stress absorbing, silver filled epoxy is designed for bonding chips to substrates with a mismatch in coefficient of thermal expansion.

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Fluoromethane is made of carbon, hydrogen, and fluorine. It is used in the manufacture of semiconductor and electronic products. In the presence of an RF field fluoromethane will dissociate into fluoride ions that selectively etch silicon compound films.

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Polycarbonate is produced by the reaction of bisphenol A and phosgene.It is mainly used for electronic applications that capitalize on its collective safety features, in myriad products associated with electrical and telecommunications hardware and as dielectric in high stability capacitors.

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Technyl Alloy

Technyl alloy is a synergistic alloy of polyamide and ABS compounded with new high-performance compatible technology.It brings outstanding surface aspect, easy processing and good mechanical properties while answering to specific requirements such as resistance to scratch, fogging, UV, chemical and stress cracking.

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sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It has many applications, and is a central substance in the chemical industry. Principal uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.


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