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Potassium Stannate

Potassium Stannate is an alkaline tin plating electrolyte that produces a high quality deposit. It is also used for immersion tinning of aluminum alloys. It is non-corrosive to steel plating tanks and has higher current density and more concentrated solutions are possible because of its high solubility. This results in faster plating rates. Potassium Stannate is employed as tin salt for alkaline tin plating. In recent years acid tin plating has replaced some alkaline tin plating because plating reaction is accelerated and may be achieved at decreased temperatures. Nevertheless, the alkaline tin plating process has not been abandoned. In electrolytic tin plating, Potassium Stannate is the preferred stannate because of its increased solubility, enhanced stability to resist hydrolysis, and improved cathode efficiency. Immersion tin plating is used primarily to superimpose a thin coating of tin on the surface of aluminum pistons.

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Propargyl Chloride

Propargyl chloride is a highly toxic and flammable clear brown liquid. Common uses for propargyl chloride include soil fumigation, corrosion prevention, and as an intermediate in organic synthesis and electroplating. It reacts with alcohols to form propargyl ethers.It is a good corrosion inhibitor and antirust.

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SATIN 108 ADDITIVE is an additive that is complimentary to the sulfuric acid based tin plating process. SATIN 108 ADDITIVE is specifically designed for components that require burn-in process after plating.

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SOLDERLUX ADDITIVE is a single component additive that is specifically designed for high speed and uniform deposition of various Tin-Lead alloy compositions.

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Black Ruthenium 477

Black Ruthenium 477 is a strongly acidic ruthenium electrolyte from which decorative coatings of a grey to anthracite color up to 0.5 µm thickness can be deposited.

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Calcium Thiocyanate

Calcium thiocyanate is mainly used in pesticide, medicine, electroplating, textile, photography and construction industries.

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Iminodiacetonitrile used for synthesis of herbicide glyphosate,as an important fine chemical intermediate,and also used in dyes, electroplating, water treatment, synthetic resins.

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