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Synthetic plate protection gum for automatic application.

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Gictane 70

Gictane 70 is a powdered, acidic, fluoride useful in acid pickle of metals. It is much less hazardous to handle than liquid Hydrofluoric acid.

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Gictane 73

Gictane 73 is easy to handle powdered product used in place of mineral acid solution for activating metal surfaces prior to plating. It is also used for removal of silicate and oxide films from most metals and facilitates excellent adhesion of subsequent electrodeposits.

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Groflux 62

Groflux 62 is a proprietary composite product for continuous and batch hot dip galvanizing line of steel. It is economical and efficient for activating metal surface prior to hot dip galvanizing. Groflux 62 provides desirable foam blanket and ensures proper cleaning and activation of continuous steel sheet before entering in molten zinc.

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Gictane AAA

Gictane AAA is used in sulphuric, phosphoric, hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid pickles to reduce fuming. Gictane AAA increases surface wetting to promote better pickling and also prevents re-deposition of oil.

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PYRAFLUX 88 is an innovative water-based, organic flux that is specifically designed for wave solder dipping on copper based material in Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

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Miralloy 846

Miralloy 846 is a rack bronze plating solution producing a bright yellow copper / tin / zinc alloy coating. Miralloy 846 is ideally suited as an undercoat for gold plating.

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Zinc Cyanide

Zinc Cyanide is a white solid that is mainly used for electroplating zinc but also has more specialized applications for the synthesis of organic compounds.

Aquacid 108EX

Aquacid 108EX is an organophosphonate exhibiting excellent sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at sub-stoichiometric concentrations. Aquacid 108EX is incorporated in various chemical formulations for industrial water treatment, oil field, home care, industrial cleaners, metal treatment, electroplating, inks & construction chemicals.

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Aquacid 108NS

Aquacid 108NS is certified to NSF’s standards for drinking water applications as a scale inhibitor. Aquacid 108NS is an excellent inhibitor for CaCO3 and CaSO4 scales. It functions by threshold effect mechanism and is also an excellent chelating agent for heavy metals. Aquacid 108NS is primarily designed as an ingredient for reverse osmosis and thermal desalination plant anti-scalants. It can also be used as an ingredient for other water treatment and cleaner formulations that require NSF certified phosphonates as an ingredient.

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