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Nickel Carbonate

Nickel carbonate describes one or a mixture of inorganic compounds containing nickel and carbonate. The basic carbonate is an intermediate in the hydrometallurgical purification of nickel from its ores and is used in electroplating of Ni. Nickel carbonates are used in some ceramic applications and as precursors to catalysts.

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Nickel Sulfamate

Nickel Sulfamate solutions are widely used for electroforming because of the low internal stress of the deposits, high rates of deposition, and superior throwing power.

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RhodiumIII Oxide

RhodiumIII Oxide is used as industrial catalysts in manufacturing of chemical intermediates such as oxo-alcohols, as well as nitric acid and ethanoic (acetic) acid productions.

Stannous Sulfate

Stannous Sulfate is a white to slightly yellow, heavy crystalline powder. When dissolved in a 5% Sulfuric Acid Solution, a clear solution is obtained.Stannous Sulfate is commonly used in acid tin plating baths, liquor finishing and drawing of steel wire. It delivers a high current efficiency and smooth, fine grained deposits. A bright finish can be obtained by flow melting of through the use of certain additives.

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Tri-N-Octylamine is usually used as extractants for precious metals. It's used as a surfactant and extractant.

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Zeeco Brass Salt

Zeeco Brass Salt gives golden Yellow colour resembles to gold colour deposit. Water soluble salt with specific gold colour deposit. It can be applied on nickel or white bronze. Zeeco Brass Salt very well blended of cyanide salt with Cu & Zn metal Cyanide salt to achieved golden colour deposit with the presence of grain refining agent.

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Black Rhoduna 470

Black Rhoduna 470 is used to produce black rhodium coatings for decorative purposes.

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Chromium Trioxide

Chromium trioxide is the acidic anhydride of chromic acid. It is mainly used in chrome-plating. Typically it is employed with additives that affect the plating process but do not react with the trioxide. The trioxide reacts with cadmium, zinc, and other metals to generate passivating chromate films that resist corrosion.

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Colclean Soak 200

Colclean Soak 200 is a heavy duty, general purpose soak cleaner, recommended for the removal of drawing compounds, oil, lubricants and shop soils from ferrous metal surfaces prior to plating operations. It has excellent longevity, detergency, emulsifying and despersion properties.

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Ethylene Thiourea

Ethylene thiourea is used primarily as an accelerator for vulcanizing polychloroprene (neoprene) and polyacrylate rubbers and also used in the manufacture of ethylenebisdithiocarbamate pesticides, such as amobam, maneb, mancozeb, metiram, nabam, and zineb,electroplating baths, as an intermediate in antioxidant production, in dyes, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic resins.

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