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Ginplate Cu - 703

Ginplate Cu-703 is an electroless copper plating process for printed circuit boards. It can be used as a high speed bath, plating 2.0 to 3.0 microns in 30 minutes.Ginplate Cu-703 is exceptionally stable and properly maintained solutions may be operated over long periods without decomposition.

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Ginplate PA - 493

Ginplate PA-493 operating solution is used in the pre-treatment cycle after activation and prior to electroless copper plating. Ginplate PA-493 operating solution improves the initial deposition rate of the subsequent electroless copper solution, promoting dense, fine grained deposits.

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Ginplate PC - 236

Ginplate PC-236 is powdered concentrate that is dissolved in deionized or distilled water to make-up and replenish Ginplate Activator high-chloride, low acid concentration operating solutions. It may also be mixed with deionized or distilled water and hydrochloric acid to make pre-dip for use prior to Ginplate Activator operating solutions.

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HS AL 42 DESCALER is an acidic based descaling and activation process specifically for alloy 42 lead frame materials.

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Palladium Nitrate

Palladium Nitrate is a red-brown solid. It is a skin and respiratory irritant. It is normally stable at room temperature, but decomposes at higher temperatures.Palladium nitrate may be prepared by dissolving palladium oxide hydrate in dilute nitric acid followed by crystallization.

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Potassium Cyanide

Potassium cyanide is an inorganic colorless crystalline compound.It is used in gold mining, organic synthesis, and electroplating.

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Propargyl Alcohol

Propargyl alcohol is an organic compound which is a simple alcohol containing an alkyne functional group. It may be polymerized by either heat or base. It is used as a corrosion inhibitor, a metal complex solution, a solvent stabilizer and an electroplating brightener additive. It is also used as an intermediate in organic synthesis.

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Benzenesulfonamide is used as an intermediate for the synthesis dyes, photochemicals, and disinfectants. It is also used in electroplating and polyamide production industry.

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Potassium Stannate

Potassium Stannate is an alkaline tin plating electrolyte that produces a high quality deposit. It is also used for immersion tinning of aluminum alloys. It is non-corrosive to steel plating tanks and has higher current density and more concentrated solutions are possible because of its high solubility. This results in faster plating rates. Potassium Stannate is employed as tin salt for alkaline tin plating. In recent years acid tin plating has replaced some alkaline tin plating because plating reaction is accelerated and may be achieved at decreased temperatures. Nevertheless, the alkaline tin plating process has not been abandoned. In electrolytic tin plating, Potassium Stannate is the preferred stannate because of its increased solubility, enhanced stability to resist hydrolysis, and improved cathode efficiency. Immersion tin plating is used primarily to superimpose a thin coating of tin on the surface of aluminum pistons.

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