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calcium pyrophosphate

calcium pyrophosphate is a chemical compound formed by the reaction of pyrophosphoric acid and a calcium base.It is commonly used as a anti-caking agent in food industry.

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Ammonium Polyphosphate

Ammonium polyphosphate is an inorganic salt of polyphosphoric acid and ammonia containing both chains and possibly branching. Ammonium polyphosphate is used as a food additive and emulsifier. It is also used as a flame retardant for polyolefines and polyurethanes and as a fertilizer.

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Glycerine Monostearate

Glycerol monostearate is an organic molecule used as an emulsifier. It is a glycerol ester of stearic acid. It occurs naturally in the body as a by-product of the breakdown of fats, and is also found in fatty foods. Glycerol monostearate is a food additive used as a thickening, emulsifying, anti-caking, and preservative agent; an emulsifying agent for oils, waxes, and solvents; a protective coating for hygroscopic powders; a solidifier and control release agent in pharmaceuticals; and a resin lubricant. It is also used in cosmetics and hair care products. It is largely used in baking preparations to add "body" to the food. It is responsible for giving ice cream and whipped cream its smooth texture.

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Tripotassium Phosphate

Tripotassium phosphate is a water-soluble ionic salt. It is used as a food additive for its properties as an emulsifier, foaming agent and whipping agent. In combination with fatty acids, it is a potential antimicrobial agent in poultry processing.

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Distilled Monoglyceride

Distilled Monoglyceride contains more than 90% monoglyceride. Distilled Monoglyceride is an emulsifier in various food products like bakery products, ice creams, cookies, biscuits, chocolates, toffees, margarine, peanut butter, cheese spreads, coffee creamers, fudges;lubricant for extruded products like pasta.

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Sodium Stearoyl Lactate

Sodium stearoyl lactate is an organic compound used as a food additive. It is an emulsifier with a very high hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) and is therefore an excellent emulsifier for fat-in-water emulsions. It also functions as a humectant.

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Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate

Sodium lauroyl lactylate is a sodium salt of the lauric acid ester of lactyl lactate. It is traditionally used as a food emulsifier, although it is seen in cosmetics and personal care products because of its ability, as a lactylate, to penetrate skin easily, providing residual moisturization, extended fragrance release, and enhanced delivery of actives. It is used as an ingredient in shampoos, face and body washes, and other foaming cleansers.

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Acetylated Monoglycerides

Acetic acid esters of monoglyceride called Acetylated Monoglyceride, which is also known as AMG. It is an emulsifier in which acetic acid is bound with monoglyceride. Acetylated Monoglycerides are used as release agents or as oiling and polishing agents because they form stable films on the surface of confectionery items. AMG have a-crystalline stability, a plastic, non-greasy texture and neutrality of flavor, color and odor. We manufacture and supply high-quality chemical products at the best prices. Buy Acetylated Monoglycerides online from here.


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