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Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier derived from polyethoxylated sorbitan and oleic acid. It is used as an emulsifier in foods, particularly in ice cream. Adding this substance prevents milk proteins from completely coating the fat droplets. It is an excipient that is used to stabilize aqueous formulations of medications for parenteral administration, and used as an emulsifier in the manufacture of the popular anti-arrhythmic amiodarone. It is also used as an excipient in some European and Canadian influenza vaccines. It is used as a test to identify the phenotype of a strain or isolate.

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Potassium Alginate

Potassium alginate is a chemical compound that is the potassium salt of alginic acid. It is an extract of seaweed. It is widely used in foods as a stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier. Its use as a pharmaceutical excipient is currently limited to experimental hydrogel systems. The viscosity, adhesiveness, elasticity, stiffness, and cohesiveness of potassium alginate hydrogels have been determined and compared with values from a range of other hydrogel-forming materials. The effect of calcium ions on the rheological properties of procyanidin hydrogels containing potassium alginate and intended for oral administration has also been investigated.

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Propylene Glycol Alginate

Propylene glycol alginate (PGA) is an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener used in food products. Chemically, propylene glycol alginate is an ester of alginic acid, which is derived from kelp. Some of the carboxyl groups are esterified with propylene glycol, some are neutralized with an appropriate alkali, and some remain free.

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Propylene Glycol Esters of Fatty Acid?PGMS? FOOD GRADE 100%

Propylene Glycol Esters of Fatty Acid(PGMS)


White powder or flake solid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, is a non-ionic emulsifier.
Has excellent foam performance, good oil-soluble emulsifier.
⑴ Used in pastry margarine, prevent the bread and confect aging, improve its processing performance.
⑵ Uesd in ice cream, increase dilatability and shape preserving.
⑶ Used in margarine to improve whipping, and to prevent the oil-water separate.
⑷ Used for cakes, fried snack foods, complex sauce.
Operation method and dosage:

The max dosage for fat,oil and emulsified fat products is 10.0g/Kg, The max dosage for milk,dairy products and frozen drink is 5.0g/Kg, The max dosage for cake and fried foods is 2.0g/Kg,

Technical index:

Acid value(Calculated by KOH)/ (mg/g)


Iodine value(g/100g)


Free Propylene glycol w/%


Hydroxide value(Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)


Saponification value(Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)


Soap(Calculated by Potassium stearate) w/%


Total mono ester content w/%

≥ 40

Ignition residue w/%

≤ 0.5

Pb / (mg/kg)

≤ 2


Aluminized bag vacuum packing with nitrogen inside.

Net weight: 20kg/carton(5kg/bag*4)


Storage and transportation:

Sealed and stored in the low temperature, dry, cool and well-ventilated place, in order to prevent from moisture and caking. Strictly forbid storing and trasporting with materials that is explorsive, combustible or deleterious. The shelf life is 12 months.



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Provichem 220p

Provichem 220p is an anionic water soluble polymer. It is used as a scale inhibitor in oil recovery operations and in cooling and boiling towers. It can also be applied as an anionic poly-electrolyte (e.g. protective coating), as a dispersant and as a rheology modifier.

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Refined Glycerin 99.7% Min BP/USP Grade Purified 99.7%

Refined Glycerin 99.7% Min BP/USP Grade 

Packing 250 KG X 80 (Brand New Steel Drum) / 20 MT Per 20 FT FCL


Packing 250 KG X 80 (Brand New HDPE Drum) / 20 MT Per 20 FT FCL

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Sodium Caseinate

Sodium caseinate contains various trace elements for human body. It is used not only as a kind of excellent food additive with high protein and nutrition, but also as a resource of trace element for human body. In addition, sodium caseinate is also a kind of strong emulsifying stabilizer and thickening agent with fine affinity, air function and great value of nutrition. In food industry sodium caseinate is used to improve the quality of products.

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Sodium Erythorbate FCCIV


Product Name: Sodium Erythorbate FCCIV 







White, odorless, crystalline powder or granules


Assay %



Specific Rotation [a]25 D



Heavy Metals mg/kg

10 max


Lead mg/kg

5 max


PH Value



Loss on drying

0.25 max


Oxalate test

Passes test

Packing conditions:

800Cartons/1x20'FCL with pallets, 25kg/carton net weight, 26kg/carton gross weight; Self-life:2 years

Food grade, CIQ health certification will be provied!

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Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate

Sodium lauroyl lactylate is a sodium salt of the lauric acid ester of lactyl lactate. It is traditionally used as a food emulsifier, although it is seen in cosmetics and personal care products because of its ability, as a lactylate, to penetrate skin easily, providing residual moisturization, extended fragrance release, and enhanced delivery of actives. It is used as an ingredient in shampoos, face and body washes, and other foaming cleansers.

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Sodium Stearoyl Lactate

Sodium stearoyl lactate is an organic compound used as a food additive. It is an emulsifier with a very high hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) and is therefore an excellent emulsifier for fat-in-water emulsions. It also functions as a humectant.

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