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Allyl Acrylate

Allyl Acrylate are generally much more reactive than the alkanes, which are saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons. They are useful materials in coatings, adhesives, elastomers, and may other thermoset polymers.

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BRUGGOLITE E01 is one of the best known reducing agents. Its high reliability and reactivity characterizes this product. It does not cause any discoloration of the polymer and is worldwide utilized in almost all emulsion polymers. It is mainly used in the printing of cellulose fibres. BRUGGOLITE E01 can also be used as an etching agent in colored discharge dyeing on cellulose fibres.


CARBOADIT AF E is an antifoam based silicone emulsion resistant to acids and alkaline media.Efficient in the breaking of the formed foam and also in the prevention of later formations. CARBOADIT AF E can be applied in the way it is supplied or diluted with water. It presents applications in dyeing processes in textiles or leather treatment, inks, paper and cellulose, emulsified cutting oils, agricultural pesticides, etc.

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Chemonic CCG-6

Chemonic CCG-6 is a water-soluble emollient and emulsifying agent ideally suited to add a soft, silky after-feel to skin cleansing products.Its multi-functional nature makes it especially useful for helping to emulsify natural oils into bar soaps and body washes while contributing to both foam lubricity and skin feel after rinse-off.

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Chemonic LI-63

Chemonic LI-63 surfactant is a low irritation, water-soluble nonionic surfactant derived from coconut oil. It is an especially mild cleansing agent and solubilizer.

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DREWMULSE 200K is an emulsifer based on monostearate. It is made up of mono and diglycerides made with fully hardened stearic acid.

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DREWPOL 10-6-O is a glycerol ester used for solubilization, dispersion and emulsification for flavor and food applications. DREWPOL 10-6-O is used as emulsifier for margarines and shortenings, solubilizer for flavors and essential oils, dispersant for high solids preparations.

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Dow Corning 24

Dow Corning 24 Emulsion is a stable, water-dilutable emulsion suitable for the food processing industry. It produces a slippery film upon water evaporation of the product.

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Dow Corning 36

Dow corning 36 is a silicone emulsion.

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Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene oxide is a cyclic ether and is the simplest epoxide, a three-membered ring consisting of two carbon and one oxygen atom. Buy Ethylene oxide which is industrially produced by direct oxidation of ethylene in the presence of a silver catalyst. It is extremely flammable and explosive and is used as the main component of thermobaric weapons.


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