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Dow Corning 520

Dow Corning 520 water repellent emulsion is a silane/siloxane emulsion blend, dilutable in water to formulate a water repellent.

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Dow Corning 939

Dow Corning 939 is a 35% cationic emulsion of an aminofunctional silicone polymer containing a non-tallow surfactant for use in hair care applications.

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Dow Corning DSP

Dow corning DSP is 10 % active silicone emulsion that exhibits outstanding dilution stability as well as excellent foam control persistance over a wide pH and temperature range.

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Dow Corning Z70

Dow corning Z70 emulsion is used as a hydrophobic additive in silicone resin based render and coating formulations known to have high moisture vapor permeability and good liquid water repellency. Also used for Admixture for cementitious based product with improved water resistance.

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Ethyl Cellulose

Ethyl Cellulose is a hydrophobic ethyl ether of cellulose, an inert, hydrophobic polymer and is essentially tasteless, odourless, colorless, non-caloric, and physiologically inert. Ethyl Cellulose is prepared from wood pulp or cotton by treatment with alkali and ethylation of the alkali cellulose with ethyl chloride. It is a derivative of cellulose in which some of the hydroxyl groups on the repeating glucose units are converted into ethyl ether groups. It has long been used as solvent-based tablet and pellet coating, tablet binder, to prepare microcapsules and microspheres, and both as film- and matrix- forming material for sustained-release dosage forms. It is mainly used as a thin-film coating material. It is also used as a food additive as an emulsifier, auxiliary material for pharmaceuticals. Ethylcellulose is used to mask an unpleasant taste or to improve the stability of a formulation. Ethylcellulose is directly extracted from plant fibre (cellulose, cotton) and is then chemically modified. Ethylcellulose is predominantly used in food supplements and flavourings in capsules. It functions as a binding and filling agent or serves as protective coating. Ethyl cellulose is a kind of cellulose ether, and it shows good thermo stability and electric properties. Its use is presently requested in the formulation of food supplements in dry applications e.g. as a controlled release agent and protective colloid and as a thickener/binder in hydrophobic matrices. Ethyl cellulose is used as a food additive as an emulsifier.

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Finox Ultrafine

Finox Ultrafine is an nonionic hydrophilic micro amino silicone softener especially for terry towel and children wear.

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Focus Base P-20

Focus Base P-20 is an emulsifier base with a branched succinic acid (Focus P-60) as the primary emulsifier in place of natural and synthetic sodium sulfonate. It is designed for use in both paraffinic and naphthenic base oils. Focus Base P-20 have improved hard water stability, and as a dispersant in the emulsion system, assisting in prevention of soap and sludge build up in the sumps and reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.

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Mowilith VC 600

Mowilith VC 600 is a non-plasticized aqueous copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride. Mowilith VC 600 has good flame retardant properties as well as a relatively high water resistance. Mowilith VC 600 may also be used as binder in fireproof coatings or fiber sizing. Mowilith VC 600 is can be processed by the usual stirring equipment of the adhesive industry. Before mixing this dispersion with other additives like plasticizers, solvents, thickeners, resins and extenders normally used for compounding all compatibilities have to be checked carefully.

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Polyethylene-PE is used as an polyethylene emulsion.

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SYL-OFF EM 7935 is one component of a multicomponent silicone release coating system. It is designed to be blended with Syl-Off® EM 7975 catalyst emulsion.

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