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Dow Corning 2418

Dow Corning 2418 Emulsion has been specially formulated for a wide variety of uses as a release agent. In particular, the silicone oil phase is compatible with many organic finishing agents (paints/coatings) and hence some traditional properties of silicone release agents are improved.

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Dow Corning 7305

Dow Corning 7305 is a 5 percent active silicone emulsion designed to control foam in aqueous systems over wide pH and temperature ranges.

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Dow Corning 75SF

Dow Corning 75SF is a silicone emulsion of siloxane with silicone hydride functionality.

Focus Base PS 12

Focus Base PS 12 is a cost effective, soluble oil emulsifier base package designed for use in both naphthenic and paraffinic oils. It can be used to formulate both soluble oils and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. Focus Base PS 12 is formulated with a sodium sulfonate/succinic anhydride primary emulsion system and gives improved hard water stability and good rust protection with cleanliness. It assists in the prevention of soap and sludge build-up in sumps,reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.

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GRINDSTED ACETEM is widely used in chewing gum, topping powder, poultry carcasses and PVC. It has film-forming and flexible properties and is available in liquid or plastic format. GRINDSTED ACETEM has certain benefits like improved product quality,film-forming capability,increased bubble size in bubble gum.

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GRINDSTED CITREM is made from sunflower or palm oil. It is a highly hydrophilic emulsifier, the range is commonly used in margarines, sausages and confectionery, and is available in various formats.GRINDSTED CITREM's benefits include non-GMO, allergen-free alternative to lecithin,improved product quality,non-hydrogenated options.

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Mowilith LDM 187

Mowilith LDM 187 is a non-plasticized aqueous copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene.

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Polartech EA 500

Polartech EA 500 is an amine free co-emulsifier for use at low concentrations to provide improved emulsion and concentrate stability, readily incorporated into formulations, particularly effective in semi synthetic and higher oil products. Polartech EA 500 is semi synthetic watermix metalworking fluids, high oil watermix metalworking fluids, synthetic cleaning fluids, post treatment of watermix systems.


Polysorbate–20 is a nonionic, solubilizer, o/w emulsifier, antistat and fiber lubricant used in textile industry, wetting agent, viscosity modifier, suspending agent used in food, cosmetics, drugs, textile and metal working industries, solubilizer for perfumes and flavours, insecticides, herbicides, paints and inks, pharmaceuticals.

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ColaLube 3418 EPL

ColaLube 3418 EPL is a soluble oil emulsifier base designed to emulsify low viscosity naphthenic and paraffinic oils in the viscosity range of 70 to 600 SUS at 100° F.

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