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Zinpol 559

Zinpol 559 is an alkali soluble acrylic colloidal dispersion designed for use in flexo and gravure inks and coatings. Zinpol 559 dispersion can be used as a letdown and/or grind vehicle. This polymer has good flexibility and therefore can be used in inks for polyolefin films and other non-porous substrates to improve economics.

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n-Butylamine is an organic compound. This colourless liquid is one of the four isomeric amines of butane, the others being sec-butylamine, tert-butylamine and isobutylamine. At standard temperature and pressure, n-butylamine is a liquid having the fishy, ammonia-like odor common to amines. The liquid acquires a yellow colour upon storage in air. It is soluble in all organic solvents. This compound is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and emulsifiers. It is also a precursor for the manufacture of N,N'-dibutylthiourea, a rubber vulcanization accelerator, and n-butylbenzenesulfonamide, a plasticizer of nylon.

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