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Indunal A

Indunal A is a low molecular weight ammonium polyacrylate solution. It is used as dispersing agent for inorganic pigments and fillers in water-based systems.

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Vycar 153

Vycar 153 is an ammonia neutralized vinyl chloride homopolymer with a small particle size that has a high film forming temperature and outstanding resistance properties. Vycar 153 can be made into coatings which offer fast dry and excellent rheology.

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Zinpol 20

Zinpol 20 is a nonionic, HDPE wax emulsion designed for waterborne coatings and inks to improve rub and mar resistance properties. It also exhibits improve slip and non-blocking characteristics without affecting gloss and adhesion properties of the finished ink or coating.

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Abil WE 09 is a water-in-oil emulsifier which can be used in formulations that require stability throughout a wide range of temperatures. Abil WE 09 produces highly salble emulsions and can be used in high SPF sunscreen formulations or in products containing a high level of plant extracts.

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ASFIER 110 is fatty amine mixture based asphalt emulsifier. It is mainly used for Chip seal, Tack coat and Sand seal.

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ASFIER 121 is recommended for use in black irrigation, irrigation, dust irrigation and irrigation league for gravel.


CYLINK NH8 proprietary wet adhesion monomer that is water soluble. It provides outstanding wet adhesion and scrub resistance for acrylic, vinyl-acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl-VEOVA polymers. It imparts excellent stability against homo-polymerization. It is specifically designed to address the needs of the interior and exterior architectural coatings market for wet or high humidity conditions.

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SOLCON 137 is a solvent based, self-emulsifying cleaner, designed, researched and developed to carry forward the concept of solvent degreasing into the environmentally conscious nineties and beyond. It is ideal for use on board marine vessels employing oily water separators, cleaning the engine room, bilge and general upper deck degreasing. SOLCON 137 can be applied by brush or spray directly onto soiled areas.

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TAGAT TO V is a liquid,non-ionic polyoxyethylene-25 glycerol trioleate emulsifier. It is used as emulsifier in a wide range of industrial applications like in metal working fluids, agrochemicals, textile auxiliaries, concrete release agents.TAGAT TO V has excellent emulsifying properties and ensures the spontaneous formation of finely dispersed,stable oil-in-water emulsions. It is based on raw materials derived from vegetable products.

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